Detroit Lions Training Camp Stories

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Photo by Kent Lee Platte, Training Camp 2014

3. Some Players are Amazing…Then Disappear Forever

You’ve read the stories.  You’ve seen the preseason games.  Matt Willis was once going to rescue the Detroit Lions receiving corps from mediocrity with his Ninja Warrior skills.  Patrick Edwards was a perennial favorite (Even of yours truly).  There are players at nearly every position who surprise during camp, but end up cut and clearing waivers.  Were the writers all delusional?  Was it all fluff because the players had a good story?  Surprisingly, no.  Sometimes players just look awesome in camp.

For two seasons in a row, Patrick Edwards was uncoverable in Detroit Lions training camp.  Yes, Patrick Edwards.  He received nothing but praise from his teammates and coaches, but when the lights came on in games he disappeared.  It wasn’t just fluff, though.  During the week while training camp was one, Edwards was too fast, too quick, and made some of the most amazing grabs you could see.  I don’t know what causes these “Cockroach Players” (Turn on the lights and they scurry away!), but it happens every year.  That doesn’t mean ignore it every time a player does well in camp.  George Johnson was legit in training camp and that showed up during the regular season.  It also means you can’t take everything from training camp and run with it like these guys are the second coming.

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