Detroit Lions Training Camp Stories

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Photo by Kent Lee Platte, Training Camp 2014

2. No Matter How Anti-Social, You’ll Make Friends

I’m a homebody who spends too much time at my computer (surprised?).  I don’t socialize much, mostly by choice, but I’m just not personable.  At Detroit Lions training camp, you have something in common with everyone in attendance.  And it’s something that you can talk for hours about.  Everyone has their own opinions on every player, coach, or theme of the offseason.  It’s fascinating how many different ideas people can have in a crowd while watching the same events unfold.

You’ll see plays where a WR completely botches a route and misses the pass.  The ball sails inside as if it was a post, but the WR ran a corner and got lost.  Some fans will recognize whose fault it was, but you’ll hear fans blaming the QB for a poor throw.  You could argue, if you wanted, but it has always been so much more rewarding to simply engage your fellow fans about the action.  I’ve met a lot of fans that I disagree with, but in that atmosphere in camp, you can let loose and just talk about football among people who love the same team that you do.

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