Ask SideLion Report: Part One


We here at SideLion Report love to interact with Detroit Lions fans. For that reason July marks the first edition of our Ask SideLion Report series. Each week we at SideLion Report are your disposal. We will do our best to answer all of your questions each week. The best questions will make it to our weekly Ask SideLion Report article. Be sure to use the #AskSLR.

Without further ado, let’s get to this weeks questions.

I have no doubts that Ryan Broyles will make the 53 man roster. What he does from there? That’s the perplexing question. Broyles is going to have to have a great camp in August. After all he’s going up against some tall odds. The Likely favorite to win the third receiver spot is Lance Moore. He knows the system already and has thrived in it during his career.

Due to Corey Fuller playing a prominent role in 2014, I have a hard time seeing Fuller  not getting the third or fourth spot. Then there’s the question of Jeremy Ross and T.J. Jones. Broyles will likely make the 53. But will be an uphill battle for him to see the field.

The current belief is that Joique Bell will be ready to go by the start of camp. In our recent interview with Joique Bell, we asked him how his recovery was going after surgery. His response was positive as he said “Everything is going good, it’s all going good” I would definitely expect to see number 35 participating in the pre-season opener on August 12th

The final question of the day is a tough one. I can confidently say that Calvin Johnson will retire a Detroit Lion. Calvin Johnson has displayed in the past eight years that he is the farthest thing from a diva as possible. I find it highly unlikely that he would ever decide to chase the money. Frankly I see Calvin being a lot like Herman Moore in the sense that he may never leave Detroit. Even after he’s done playing football.

Matthew Stafford is a whole other story. Like Calvin, I can’t see Stafford chasing the money. He’s been pretty loyal to the Lions and the city of Detroit. Even investing in the city by charitable means. But this all depends on if the Lions decide to keep him around two or three years down the road.  In order for Stafford to retire a Lion, he must get to the next level of his career and prove to the Lions and their fans that he is the guy.

If my latest article on Jim Caldwell shows anything, it’s that Matthew Stafford is in the right hands to achieve that jump.

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