Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell: The Quarterback Whisperer

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If you’re a football fan, chances are you’ve heard the term quarterback whisperer. Whether it’s media’s constant reminder of why the Bears hired Marc Trestman, or the nickname of quarterback guru George Whitfield, it’s a term that is now synonymous with football across the country. But what does it mean?

A quarterback whisperer is a coach or mentor whose sole purpose is to develop and bring out the best in a quarterback; teaching a quarterback to improve things such as throwing motion, footwork, decision-making and many other mechanics. Quarterbacks from Tim Tebow to Jamarcus Russell have used them in an attempt to find themselves back in the NFL.

In many ways, it’s safe to say that Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell is a quarterback whisperer. Since coming into the NFL in 2002, Caldwell has helped shape some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. While fans have a hard time believing it, the players will tell you how true it is.

That’s because they know that Jim Caldwell changed their careers. I’m sure there are some out there that believe this is crazy talk. But the truth is in the numbers. So follow along as we take a look at every quarterback Jim Caldwell has worked with and see just how much of a difference he made.

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