5 Questions With Detroit Lions Rookie, Alex Carter


In the 2015 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions traded up eight picks to select defensive back Alex Carter out of Stanford.

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Carter is a big corner at 6-feet tall, and just over 200-pounds and is expected to eventually take over for veteran Rasheen Mathis opposite of Darius Slay. There is also the chance that Carter could enter training camp in just over 20 days and beat out fellow rookie Quandre Diggs, Josh Wilson, or Nevin Lawson for the nickel corner position.

Competition will be aplenty.

In the meantime, Alex Carter was nice enough to sit down with me and let me ask him a few questions about his draft experience and the upcoming NFL season!

SLR: First off, welcome to Detroit! What went through your mind when the Lions moved up eight picks to select you in round 3?

"Alex Carter – “It was a crazy moment. The tension had been building up for the past day or two, my dad was pacing back and forth, all of us waiting for the phone to ring. And when it did and we found out it was Detroit we were ecstatic. Especially since they traded up to grab me, that means something special.”"

SLR: I know you missed some of the spring workouts while you finished up your classes at Stanford. What did the coaching staff and yourself do to keep you up to speed during the process?

"Carter – “The coaches were real cool and understanding about me having to finish my classes. We were still able to correspond almost everyday, I had my playbook with me and also access to the videos of meetings and practice film. So even though I wasn’t physically there I was still able to be involved as much as I could from across the country.”"

SLR: Speaking of school, I love the emphasis you place on your education. What do you plan to do with your degree post football?

"Carter – “My degree is in psychology, I have not planned on which grad school yet but I have interests in mental health and sports psychology. I definitely want to travel one day and learn about different cultures around the world, also give back and help children work through difficult times they may have had or are going through currently.”"

SLR: From what I’ve heard, your transition from college to the pros has went well so far. Which players and coaches have you meshed with the most?

"Carter – “All of my coaches are great, I definitely feel like I landed in the best possible spot for me. The DBs we have on the team are a great group, obviously Rasheen is in there showing me the ropes, but I also look up to and watch other guys like James Ihedigbo, Glover Quin, Don Carey, Josh Wilson, all of the veteran leaders we have in the room.”"

SLR: The 2015 NFL season is approaching quickly! What are your expectations for your rookie season?

"Carter – “I’ve been excited to play in the NFL since I first stepped on a field at 7 years old. I’m going in to compete and contribute on this team in every way I can. I want to win, I want this team to win a lot of games. So whatever I can do and sacrifice to help us achieve our goals I will do! I just want to have fun and play my heart out this year.”"

Again, I want to personally thank Mr. Carter for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to SideLion Report.

We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you all to check out the great charities that he supports.

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You can follow Alex Carter on twitter at @AlexCarter.

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