The four biggest obstacles the Detroit Lions must get over in 2015

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Back to back playoffs

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The Lions have not gone to the playoffs two years in a row since they did it in 1994 and 1995. As Golden Tate told me last week “ I think the city of Detroit and the State of Michigan deserve winners and we want to be that team for them and I think it’s about that time.”

As you can see the Lions have no plans to lay down after an 11-5 season. According to Tate, Jim Caldwell and hard work are the most important pieces to the puzzle stating that “Coach Caldwell is a phenomenal coach, he’s a phenomenal leader on and off the field, he’s what this city needs and with all of us behind him and he believes in what we’re doing. We’re gonna be a very special team this year.”  The Lions have the talent in place to make another run at the playoffs in 2015. It all depends on how ready they will be.

"So when I challenged guys, I challenged them to have the best offseason of your lives and come in ready to go and be ready to be special and be great for not only this team, but this city. -Golden Tate"

The attitude is there. Will the offense show up in year two in Lombardi’s scheme? Will the depth on the Lions defense show through? Will the Detroit Lions finally put it all together in 2015?

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