7 Questions With Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Golden Tate


Since signing with the Detroit Lions in 2014, Golden Tate has quickly become a fan favorite in Detroit. Whether it’s his amazing after the catch ability or infectious personality, you can’t help but love the guy. After a big year that garnered him his first Pro Bowl appearance, Tate’s first instinct was to not rest on his laurels, but to go out and be better in 2015.

Today is a big day for Golden Tate. Today Golden Tate joins the BODYARMOR sports drink SuperTeam. With the likes of Andrew Luck, Mike Trout, James Harden and even former Seahawks teammate Richard Sherman. On one of his biggest days, Golden was kind enough to gran SideLion Report an interview. Follow along as we ask Golden about everything from BODYARMOR to who will break out in 2015?

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1. What is BODYARMOR and how did you get involved?

GT It kinda started in Seattle, Sharon would come in with the big cases and I fell in love with the taste of it. Then I looked at the back of the label and learned that it had potassium, coconut water,some of the main vitamins that you need and it was low in sodium with no artificial flavors. Right off the bat I wanted to get some and I’m very thankful that the BODYARMOR crew choose me to join they’re team.”

2. Is that a pre-workout drink or a post workout drink?

GT “The unique thing about this drink is that I can drink it before, during, I can drink it after. Whenever I want to drink it. The only thing I have in my refrigerator is water and BODYARMOR and I have no problem with that at all.

3. How has the offense looked thus far at OTA’s and Mini Camp?

GT “I think it’s night and day from we were last year. I think we’re able to focus on more sophisticated things in the offense. We know the offense and now we can really focus on the details. Coach Caldwell said it best “we don’t need to change our game or who we are we just need to be a little bit better” and what he means by that is maybe convert two or three more third downs or one more field goal or whatever the case is. We just need to be a little bit better.

4. After the Wild Card game last season, you challenged everyone to have a great offseason. What is the mindset coming in?

GT “I think with our team, we arent starting over. the idea back in April was to start over but finish what we started and that is to continue the hard work and start building our bodies up for another great season and try to win a few more games and be a little bit better. So when I challenged guys, I challenged them to have the best offseason of you lives and come in ready to go and be ready to be special and be great for not only this team, but this city.

I think the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan deserve to have winners and we want to be that team for them and I think it’s about that time. We the Detroit Lions have that personnel on the field and we have a solid department and we certainly have the mandate. 

Lastly we have our coaches back. Coach Caldwell is a phenomenal coach, he’s a phenomenal leader on and off the field, he’s what this city needs and with all of us behind him and he believes in what we’re doing. We’re gonna be a very special team this year.”

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5. Who in your opinion is ready to have a breakout year in 2015?

GT “I think we’re all looking at the young fella, number 85. He’s on the cusp to come in and ball out. I think he has a lot of pressure on his back. But with Calvin and my self I think he can do that. i think he’s a fantastic player, has speed, agility and he has great hands. He just has to trust himself and understand the offense and understand what he’s doing. I think if he does that, we’ll all reap the benefits and he’ll have the year everyone expects him to have, and we’ll be alright.”

6. What should Lions fans really look out for this year? 

GT “It’s a new season completely. Come in there and have a lot of faith. Trust in us and we’ll trust in you guys. remember that we are all one in our book. We need them to do they’re part and we also need to do our part. I think it’s gonna be key that we all stay positive, hold each other accountable as a community, as an organization and just gather around one another. 

I think the platform we have for the Lions is a unique way to bring the city together and to change people’s opinions of the city. So why not rally around that and take advantage of it.

7. I know you’re involved in a lot of charities, but one sticks out to me the most and that’s Gilda’s Club. What can Lions fans do to get involved?

GT “That’s something I’d have to do some research on, but obviously the easiest way would be to donate to them and help out families dealing with cancer. What I like about it is their support system is phenomenal. They have all kinds of events, they help families that are dealing with cancer or whatever else they may be dealing with. It’s a community. 

 It think for what our normal is, it’s not their normal. For them, their dealing with something that a lot of us can’t even grasp and for that community to be so strong, and to have one another. I know Camp Sparkle and things like that, it’s huge. It’s a way to change lives. these will be the things they never forget. 

Oct 26, 2014; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate (15) runs in for a touchdown during the second half of the game between the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

I want to thank Golden for the opportunity to talk with him today. He is truly a class act and great guy. If you would like to listen to this interview, check it out below. Sorry for the poor audio.

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If you would like to donate to Gilda’s Club, check out their many sites and locations in Grand Rapids, Royal Oak and follow them on Twitter for more information @GildasClubDet

Also be sure to check BODYARMOR at your local Target for a great and healthy drink. Follow them on Twitter @DrinkBODYARMOR

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