A Friendship Begins? Jordan Spieth and Calvin Johnson Exchange Praise, Gifts


With his recent win in the U.S. Open, golfer Jordan Spieth has burst on the scene in a big way, claiming the first two major titles of the 2015 season and inserting his name amongst the game’s best.

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Detroit Lions’ wide receiver Calvin Johnson has been one of the best receivers in football recently, shattering plenty of league, team and personal records along the way and making plenty of fans and national headlines.

Greatness always appreciates other forms of greatness in athletics, so when Spieth was recently asked by ESPN about whether LeBron James was the greatest athlete in the world, he took time out to also include Johnson’s name within the response.

"“I would say yes, but I’d put into that same equation Calvin Johnson and Cam Newton.” Spieth said. “As an athlete, I feel like Calvin Johnson can do anything. Cam Newton’s hands are twice the size of mine; he’s a freak athlete. Or Bo Jackson still might be the best.”"

Johnson evidently felt the love from afar, and responded to Spieth’s kind words with a neat gesture of his own. He sent the golfer’s Dallas offices a jersey and signed football wishing him luck on tour over the weekend. ESPN.com’s Michael Rothstein also reported that Spieth’s agent Jay Danzi confirmed what he called the “kind gift.”

In the aftermath, many have wondered what Spieth might do to reciprocate the favor. The humble Johnson would probably admit there’s nothing he should do, but Spieth making a visit to watch Johnson operate in person, either during training camp or the regular season would probably suffice. With Johnson, seeing is always the best way to truly believe.

Besides, the Lions are a team full of golfers anyway, most of whom would probably enjoy some pointers from the game’s next rising star. Likely, Rashean Mathis could also stand to get some important advice about life on tour.

Spieth, a Dallas Cowboys fan, might never cheer for the Lions against his local team, but his educated response certainly indicates he enjoys watching one of football’s best receivers operate just as much as said receiver enjoys following his career.

It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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