Detroit Lions: Big Things for Caraun Reid in 2015?


To say that the Detroit Lions experienced turnover at the defensive tackle position this offseason would be a drastic understatement.

Gone from the team is Ndamukong Suh (signed with Miami Dolphins), Nick Fairley (signed with St. Louis Rams) , C.J. Mosley (also in Miami) and Andre Fluellen (signed with Buffalo Bills). Joining the team is Haloti Ngata (acquired via trade with Baltimore Ravens), Tyrunn Walker (signed via free agency), and Gabe Wright (via the 2015 NFL Draft).

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That’s a lot of change.

There is one guy however, who remains from the 2014 squad and is back and ready to make an impact in 2015 — DT Caraun Reid.

Reid, 23, is the lone player left from the NFL’s No. 2 ranked defense of a year ago. He is also a guy that many people seem to have forgotten about for the upcoming season. The primary reason for this is likely the fact that Reid only played 112 snaps for Detroit in 12 games last year, totaling just two tackles during his time on the field.

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Don’t expect such limited playing in 2015 however for the former fifth-round pick out of Princeton. Besides the fact that the level of talent (arguably) has cleared out in front of him on the depth chart, Reid is also making strides as a player as his sophomore season approaches.

Just ask his coaches

When Reid showed up for Lions OTAs last month, it was apparent to me that this guy was in phenomenal shape. It appeared obvious that he had trained and conditioned well in the offseason.

A few weeks later, I found out why.

“You don’t stop being friends just because a guy signs somewhere else.” – Reid on Suh

While the Suh departure remains generally discountenanced by most, it is hard not to like the impact that he continues to have on the Lions roster.

Reid declined to comment on where the workouts took place, only saying they weren’t in Detroit. Their sessions included weight training, as well as film sessions.

"“I mean, he’s the best at what he does,” Reid said. “He’s the best in the world for a really big reason: He takes everything seriously. He has a great regimen. On the field, he’s relentless. There’s no one way you can describe him. There’s no one attribute. He’s just all-around dominant, and he knows the game. He studies the game. He loves the game.“So that’s what I learned from him, and try to emulate.”"

Smart man. In fact, while most of us will be impressed with Reid’s physical appearance this year, he says he’s made bigger strides elsewhere.

"“Some could say my physique, and it is different,” he said. “But I would say it’s my mind-set. Just the way I approach the game. I feel more in control, I have a better knowledge of the system and I know what to expect.”"

Spoken like a true Ivy League graduate.

When training camp opens up later this summer, Caraun Reid may be the guy that ends up stealing the show. If he does, it can be accredited to intelligence, hard work and strong friendships.

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