Detroit Lions Trade For Another Defensive Tackle In the Works?

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William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

We’re at that point in the off season where most of the news we receive is either speculation or simple guessing and what if scenarios. So it wasn’t really surprising when a possible Detroit Lions trade scenario came across my timeline, from Jason La Canfora. This is the kind of things we see all the time before OTAs and it could be a thing, or it could not be a thing. The Lions have addressed their DL depth some in the draft, and might be targeting someone next season as well.  Since we likely won’t know for sure whether it’s true or not, here are a few possible Detroit Lions trade scenarios that might be going down right now.

This would be the most expensive trade for the Lions transact, and due to the cost both in trade resources and in cap space to retain Wilkerson it is the most unlikely.  Wilkerson has been a force on the interior and has gotten even better since

Sheldon Richardson

took off as a rookie.  Wilkerson would start immediately with Haloti Ngata, and would launch the Lions defensive line back into top consideration on the national stage. The issues aside from giving up a high draft pick is going to be cost.

Wilkerson is drawing nearly 7 Million in cap space in 2015, the final year of his deal.  He’s expecting to get paid and it would be difficult for the Detroit Lions to structure a contract that would fit his talent level without putting the team in a bad spot after 2015.  They’d have to clear more room this year just to make the deal happen, and while that isn’t difficult it could undo much of the progress the Lions have made creating a dead money free 2016 and beyond.

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