Detroit Lions: Keep or Cut

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That time of year is coming for the Detroit Lions to make the hard decisions. The Lions have made some moves this offseason that have put some players in a position to put up or shut up with their roster spots on the line.

The Lions showed last year that they have a standard to uphold with cuts of Kris Durham, Mikel Leshoure, Patrick Edwards, and Chris Greenwood. This year will be no different. There will undoubtably be a cut this offseason that fans will not be happy about. The questions you have to ask yourself is, did they do enough to stay? and what caused the cut?

Doing something stupid is a sure-fire way to get yourself excused from the team like Rodney Austin did a few weeks back. Any player on the bubble should be put on notice that any criminal activity will result in termination. Even if they’re seemingly doing all the right things in the league, are they doing them better than the guy ahead of them? Being a really good third string player does not mean that a player should stick around and use up a roster spot.

Today I want to play GM and look at the guys on the bubble. Here are a few popular players and cases for their retention or dismissal.

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