2015 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Combine Edition

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123. The Cowboys were one of the surprise teams of 2014. They finally broke through that barrier of mediocrity that had been holding them down and made it to and into the playoffs. They definitely felt the loss of their premiere pass rusher, Demarcus Ware, who ended up in Denver. <strong><a href=. Defensive End. UCLA. Owamagbe Odighizuwa. 27. player

28. player. 45. The Broncos are walking a very fine, <strong><a href=. Center. Florida State. Cameron Erving

Running Back. Georgia. Todd Gurley. 29. player. 46. Eventually, the Colts will have to admit that they done goofed with the <strong><a href=

Clemson. Stephone Anthony. 30. player. 49. I hate this pick. Not because I think Anthony is a bad pick, quite the contrary, but because it’s the Packers making a very smart draft choice. Anthony isn’t a perfect prospect, but he is one of the best when he knows what’s going on. On a well coached defense that can mitigate his weaknesses in field vision while utilizing his overall athleticism and promising attributes in nearly every other area, he can cause some real damage. <strong><a href=. Linebacker

player. 36. At some point, Pete Carroll is going to realize that he has had no idea what he’s doing at the receiver position. He traded away a 1st round pick for <strong><a href=. Wide Receiver. Arizona State. Jaelen Strong. 31

47. The reigning super bowl champions are going to do whatever they can to squeeze another championship out of <strong><a href=. Defensive Tackle. Oklahoma. Jordan Phillips. 32. player

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