Detroit Lions Roster Bubble: Defensive Tackle

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier Proctor, 2013 UDFA out of North Carolina Central
Roy Philon, 2014 UDFA out of Louisville

There isn’t really a whole lot to say about these two.  Xavier Proctor spent camp with the Lions and due to his size fitting into the Mayhew mold (He’s 6’6″), he’s managed to stick to the practice squad.  Roy Philon is an odd fit to the team, but they liked him enough to keep him over players they were more familiar with, so there’s that.

Chances of returning?

Both have a decent chance of making it to training camp, where they’re going to be given a shot to contribute and make a name for themselves.  The team’s lack of relative depth at the position actually increase their chances of making the team long-term, but ultimately these two are just guys and will be on the Detroit Lions roster bubble until they outlive their potential or reach it.

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