Detroit Lions Roster Bubble: Defensive Tackle

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

CJ Mosley, 6th round pick out of Missouri in 2005 (Minnesota Vikings)
2014 stats:  15 Games, 26 tackles, 2.5 sack, 1 FF
Career Stats:  129 Games, 187 tackles, 14 sacks, 7 FF

Once upon a time in Jacksonville, CJ Mosley was a quality starter and he was considered a value free agent when the Lions picked him up in 2013.  Mosley has been a good contributor during his time in Detroit, and there isn’t really a lot of negatives to point out in his game.  He isn’t starting material anymore, though I think he’s shown that he’s capable of holding his own as a fill in if needs be. 

Mosley’s status as a free agent and his own knuckle headed moves off the field this season are the biggest reason he’s on the roster bubble.  Any time a player gets in trouble the week of a nationally televised game, it’s a huge embarrassment, and the nature of Mosley’s troubles only made it worse since it was so silly.

Chances of returning?

Mosley actually has a better chance of coming back in 2015 than Fairley does, I would guess.  They both will get some interest on the free agent market, but Mosley’s relative durability will ensure he gets a look by some vet needy team that hopes to fill a hole or solidify their depth.  That’s all he’d really be doing in Detroit anyway, so no harm one way or the other. At worst, Mosley would help keep the depth intact should Suh return, though I feel his roster spot would be more secure if the top dog were to part ways.

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