Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks Look Poised for Significant Clashes in Future


As the Super Bowl wound down late Sunday night, it was easy for those who concern themselves with the plight of the Detroit Lions to be quite intrigued.

The Lions, though they weren’t battling the New England Patriots, still match up interestingly with the team that they’re more likely to encounter: the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams posses a strong defense, and an offense with enough play makers to keep things very interesting.

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Even though the Seahawks fell apart in crushing fashion, there’s certainly nothing to indicate they will take any steps backward, especially in the NFC. Detroit hasn’t met them in the regular season since 2012, but that game came down to the final minute as well, with Titus Young catching a late touchdown pass to help Detroit squeak past a Seattle team that was in the process of learning how to win big games.

For some reason, that’s what was most obvious as the game was playing out. The Lions and Seahawks seem destined to meet over the next handful of seasons. Detroit makes the regular season trip to Seattle next year, and from there, who knows where else the teams might butt heads.

On the whole, it’s perhaps the matchup to anticipate on Detroit’s 2015 schedule. Though teams always go through the process of change year to year, expect the Seahawks to remain largely the same group that won one Super Bowl and came within a botched call of repeating. The Lions, meanwhile, figure to be trending upward off a successful 2014, especially if they bring back Ndamukong Suh as has been rumored.

On the whole, (Detroit vs. Seattle) is perhaps the matchup to anticipate on Detroit’s 2015 schedule.

Face it, who wouldn’t want to see the best run defense in football try and stop Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson? Who wouldn’t eagerly anticipate watching “Megatron” Calvin Johnson butt heads with “Optimus Prime” Richard Sherman? In most aspects, it would be strength against strength. Add to it the dynamic of Golden Tate going up against his old team, and nearly all the delicious plots and subplots would be covered.

If 2012’s exciting meeting was any guide, the Lions and Seahawks might not disappoint at all on the big stage in the coming years given what they have both learned recently. It might be one of the best battles the NFC could offer, and could even become one of the premiere clashes in the entire conference.

It just feels as if these two teams, behemoths in their own rights, are destined to meet and lock horns. If and when it should happen, expect certain fireworks both on and off the field.