‘Very, Very Good Chance’ Detroit Lions Re-Sign Ndamukong Suh in Next Few Weeks


The Detroit Lions were hopeful to get a long-term contract done with Ndamukong Suh but that didn’t happen and talks were tabled until after the season. It looked like bad news considering the Lions front office had expressed confidence in being able to get a deal done. Some took it as a sign that Ndamukong Suh just didn’t want to be in Detroit and would be sure to leave via free agency. According to comments today, that isn’t a good read on the situation.

Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand joined Devin Scillian on WDIV-TV’s Flashpoint this morning and used some strong words in expressing confidence that Suh will remain with the team.

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"We’ve had a lot of good dialog with Ndamukong over the course of his career, but more specifically over the course of this season. I spent some time with him last summer just before training camp started, we’ve had dialog with him of course over the course of this season from Jim Caldwell to Martin Mayhew and myself to members of the the Ford family, Bill Ford and Mrs. Ford. I really do believe that he has a lot invested in here, in himself and in the community and the football team. He wants to have success in football, obviously, but he wants to do that with us. I think there is a very, very good chance we can get something done with him in the next few weeks."

Those are strong words and a good indication Suh may not even reach the unrestricted free agency period that begins March 10. Of course, Lions brass has indicated confidence in the past that didn’t pan out so we’ll have to wait to see what happens.

Re-signing Suh will be an expensive proposition but the Lions have carried a high salary cap number on him the last couple years due to the previous rookie contract scale and a pair of restructures that freed up cap space in previous years at the expense of the end of the contract. Lewand didn’t express any angst over having so much cap space tied up in three players – Suh, Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson – because they have actually been doing it for the last couple seasons. It’s debatable if that is wise, but it won’t be an impediment in trying to get a deal done.

You can watch Tom Lewand’s segment on Flashpoint starting at about the 1:50 mark in the video below. Lewand discusses moving on after the controversial conclusion to the Lions’ 2014 season, deflategate and the integrity of the game, officiating changes. Take a look:

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