Barry Sanders Gives Reason for Lack of Touchdown Celebrations


Detroit Lions all-time great Barry Sanders was a true master of moves on a football field. Watch any highlight film and you’ll see a nice collection of spins, jukes, cuts, starts and stops that made him one of the toughest tackles for even the nimblest defenders.

What Barry would do was always unpredictable – until he got to the end zone. Put his exhilarating running style on one end of a continuum and what he would do when reaching the end zone would mark the opposite end. There were no big spikes of the football or dances, it was just a nonchalant flip of the football to the nearest official.

How come? TMZ caught up with Barry and asked him about it and the answer might surprise you.

The man with the best moves NFL history says he has no rhythm? Maybe Barry’s Lions career came to early or Joseph Fauria’s came too late. Some overlap might have helped that lack of rhythm.

It’s also very possible Barry gave quick a self-depricating explanation to not make a big deal about, well, not making a big deal about scoring a touchdown. On the street with TMZ isn’t the place to break down his personal philosophy on end zone celebrations.

There probably isn’t much to break down anyway. Barry was always a quiet guy aside from his dazzling moves on the field. Just handing the ball to the official is what suited him best.

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