Dallas Cowboys or Green Bay Packers a Tough Choice for Detroit Lions Fans


There will be a lot of bitterness in Detroit as the Green Bay Packers host the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Divisional Round given way the Detroit Lions‘ season came to an end. There is no guarantee that the Lions would be playing this weekend had the officials not reversed a pass interference flag that was thrown, announced and marked off, but it would have kept a drive alive that instead resulted in a failed fourth down and a ten yard punt.

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So, should Lions fans want to see the Cowboys go down in flames this week after they were the beneficiary of some poor officiating? The answer would be an easy “yes” if it weren’t for who they get as their next opponent.

A recent study pegged the Packers as the most hated team in Michigan, not to mention Aaron Rodgers going full jackass in taking an opportunity to get a dig in at Stephen Tulloch’s season ending surgery.

There will certainly be Lions fans who are content to completely tune out after the way the Lions lost and I get that. For those of you who will keep an interest in the playoffs, in particular the game between the Cowboys and Packers, who do you want to see win?

My answer to the poll question is the Cowboys. I don’t buy in to any conspiracy theories that suggest the Lions were on the short end because they were playing “America’s team” so my beef is with bad officiating, not the Cowboys. Yeah, I would definitely like to see them fail in the playoffs again but not as much as I’d like to see the NFC North division rival Packers make an early exit from the playoffs.

I don’t like the Cowboys, but I hate the Packers. So much so that I’m perfectly fine rooting for the team that beat my team even under the circumstances that played out last week. In a way, that makes the Lions look better considering they played an even game with the Cowboys that was marred by controversy.

Of course, that won’t be the national story, it will be all about the Cowboys’ playoff renaissance and the legitimacy of the Cowboys win over the Lions will continue to grow as the game gets further in the rearview mirror. Oh well, I still don’t want success for the Packers.

Feel free to sound off in the comments to add more than a poll vote.

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