Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears Preview With Bear Goggles On


The Detroit Lions are set to take on the Chicago Bears this week in hopes of securing a playoff birth. To get a feel for the Bears side of thinks I got together with Mike Praser from Bears Goggles On for a pregame Q&A.

Below are my questions followed by his responses:

1. News of the week is the benching of Jay Cutler in favor of Jimmy Clausen. Is Jay done in Chicago given his massive contract with dead money over the next two seasons?

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  • "I don’t think Jay is done in Chicago. I think that there is going to be a major house cleaning in Chicago, but Jay will still be here next year. But what do I know. I thought that the Bears were going to be good this year. I mean, what the heck! They brought back all the same offense, added key additions on defense. This is just a huge cluster. The Bears are terrible."

    2. This time of year fans are thinking about playoffs or the draft. Given the Bears situation I’m going to assume it’s draft. Who are Bears fans wanting the organization to draft?

    "Just throw a dart at a dart board. I think there are too many fans that just don’t care right now. I know I am more focused on who they are going to hire to fix this mess. I mean where do you begin? I think that they need to start at the top and work their way down."

    3. Is Marc Trestman done in Chicago? Is Phil Emery?

    "Marc Trestman should be done here in Chicago. Especially now that he has benched Jay Cutler. I can see benching Jay Cutler to keep him healthy for next year or to trade him. But to bench him because you need a spark at quarterback? Jimmy Clausen? Really? Whatever. That makes no sense to me. Phil Emery? I don’t know. I think that he will get a second chance. I don’t think he deserves one. He did the cute thing and hired Marc Trestman when he could have hired Bruce Arians. He was trying to outsmart everyone by going with the obscure “offensive genius”. Well, Phil Emery may have just outsmarted himself out of a job."

    4. What would you like to see Chicago do in the offseason?

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    "Honestly, I don’t know. Probably fire everyone and rebuild. The only problem with that is that we will have a crappy product for the next few years and I don’t think that ownership will want that. They already have no shows at Soldier Field. Next will be unsold tickets. Then people will not renew season tickets. The only good thing about that is I will be moving up on the Season Ticket Priority List. I’ve been waiting for season tickets for quite some time now."

    5. Who wins Sunday? Don’t forget a final score?

    "This is a no brainer. The Lions will destroy the Bears on Sunday. I think we might be seeing Jay Cutler in a backup role sometime once the Lions defensive line crushes Jimmy Clausen.Lions 55, Bears 12"

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