NFL Power Rankings Week 13

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SLR’s Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: 21-25

Late game management incompetence was tough enough for Falcons fans to watch when the team was on the other side of the Atlantic, then Mike Smith had to do it again at home.. 4-7. Last Week: 25. Atlanta Falcons. 25. player. 44

60. Playing the Packers tough is a moral victory for the Vikings, and that’s not such a bad thing to say at this stage.. 4-7. Last Week: 24. Minnesota Vikings. 24. player

31. The offense looks to be coming around if not for the interceptions. Oh, those interceptions…. 3-8. Last Week: 23. New York Giants. 23. player

The disappointing Bears face a short week and get the suddenly desperate Lions in front of a national TV audience on Thanksgiving Day.. 5-6. Last Week: 22. Chicago Bears. 22. player. 57

Last Week: 21. St. Louis Rams. 21. player. 51. Still the team no one in contention wants to face.. 4-7