Detroit Lions Defense Gets a Name: The Free Hurt Defense


As you might have heard, the Detroit Lions defense has been the most dominant defense in the NFL through 11 weeks of football.  Historically, teams with defenses this impressive end up deep in the playoffs, and there is a good chance the Detroit Lions defense carries the team pretty far in 2014.

I’ve been comparing the team to the 1985 “Monsters of Midway” defense, the 70s “Steel Curtain” Steelers defense, and the 2013 “Legion of Boom” Seahawks.  What those three historic teams have in common are 1, a dominant defense; 2, an awesome, intimidating name; and 3, a Super Bowl.  The Lions already have number 1, and as of today they have number 2.  Time to look to number 3.

In previous years, former head coach Jim “Handshake Superstar” Schwartz tried to force a name on the Lions defensive front four.  It seemed out of place and, fittingly, forced.  The 2014 Detroit Lions defense taking up its new moniker, “The Free Hurt Defense” was far less forced, developing naturally as the season progressed and the defense continued to grow and improve.

Nick Fairley believes this could be the best defense ever, and while Ndamukong Suh and DeAndre Levy are the best players on the Detroit Lions defense, it was actually the safeties that seem to have found a fitting name for the fearsome defensive unit.

“That’s what it is — free hurt. However you want it, this one comes for free, and you can come back and get a refill as many times as you want.

“Tax free. Duty free.”

-James Ihedigbo

Well said by the man called Digz.  The defense Teryl Austin has been punishing teams with this season doesn’t appear to have any qualms with laying some pain on offensive players.  Be it Ndamukong Suh casually tossing aside a pro bowl Center like Mike Pouncey, Darius Slay shutting down Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson, or Glover Quin baiting future hall of famer Drew Brees into a game breaking mistake, the Detroit Lions defense has definitely been finding ways to win at every level.

The team still ranks 1st in yards per game and points per game, but have moved up to first overall in run defense as well.  Their pass defense is the only group “faltering”, ranking fifth in the NFL instead of first.

The Free Hurt Defense.  Simple, but fitting for this team.  Ndamukong Suh has never had any problems providing hurt for free.  James Ihedigbo has made his presence known in nearly every game for his hard hitting ways.  DeAndre Levy is a quiet fellow, but hits  like a Mack truck when he wants to.  Glover Quin, Rashean Mathis, and young Darius Slay all band together to form an extremely underrated defensive secondary.

Throw in Ziggy Ansah (Who just wants a hug), CJ Mosley, and the pairing of Tahir Whitehead and Josh Bynes, and this unit is pretty fearsome.  Will they continue to live up to the name they’ve fallen into?  Time will tell.  Until then, Lions fans should enjoy this Detroit Lions “Free Hurt” Defense.  Tax free, duty free.