Detroit Lions First Cuts Stock Report

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Stock Up! 
Reggie Bush

Reggie!  Reggie!  Reggie!  Oh come on, you were totally chanting when Reggie Bush, who has struggled thus far in his second preseason with the Detroit Lions, took off like a rocket past his blockers for an 86 yard TD run.  Bush has always been a feast or famine type of back, and man it is exciting when he gets to tear up some yardage.

Bush still needs to work on his hands, which have been an issue this preseason as well as in camp.  As one of the leading receivers in the NFL among active players, Bush has seen his share of volume.  He presently ranks 25th among all active players (Which includes WRs and TEs) in receptions, only one of two active players under the age of 30 to rank in the top 25.  The other?  Some guy named Calvin Johnson.  The question now isn’t volume, but efficiency, and it’s an area that Bush still needs to improve on to make the Lions a better team in 2014.

Stock Down…
Mikel Leshoure, George Winn and Montell Owens

A threefer on this one.  While Bush showed why the Lions were smart to bring him in, these three all gave reasons they could fall off the roster.  Mikel Leshoure had a strong chance of contributing in 2014 due to the acquisition of Lombardi and his particular skillset, and though he made some strides in camp he has been doing everything he can to sabotage that during the preseason.  Leshoure looked like he had a shot to make some ground by rushing for a nice 30 yards, but in typical fashion fumbled the ball the next play.

George Winn has looked unstoppable at times, but ball control is a huge concern after once again fumbling against the Jaguars.  He still has a decent chance of making the roster, but there are few things that can torpedo a RB’s chances faster than fumbling.  Montell Owens has looked out of sorts in the Lions offense and hasn’t stood out as he used to on special teams.  Another injury further complicates his chances as it’s tough to justify a roster spot for a veteran 4th back or 2nd FB special teamer who can’t stay healthy.