Detroit Lions Training Camp Day 8: Teryl Austin’s Comments


Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin met with the media today after practice, here is a look at what he had to say, as provided by the Detroit Lions.

On the cornerback situation, what he likes and the key to development:  “When I look at the group, they’ve come a long way. They’re really working hard. I think the key to it is that they’ve really got to learn how to play together, play with the safeties (and) figure out what they’re doing coverage-wise. I like the way they compete, they study hard and do everything that you want a young secondary to do. So now it comes down to getting game reps and seeing how we can improve.”


On LB Kyle Van Noy and his role and development: “He shows us the pass rushing when he’s got an opportunity to do it. He’s very smart, understands in terms of the run fits and getting in the pass coverage. Again, it’s just going to be live game reps and seeing how far we can bring him.”

On chemistry between S Glover Quin and S James Ihedigbo: “We have two high-character veterans and so they know, for us to play well, they have to play well. They have to be communicating and they have to be problem-solvers in the back. They’ve done that with the young guys and it helps. What that’ll do is cut down on big plays, cut down break out runs, all those different things, getting lined up wrong, not getting the call. That’s what they’re working really well at right now.”

On his reasoning behind bringing S James Ihedigbo: “Absolutely. I know what Ihedigbo brings to the table and not just because I know him, but because it benefits us. That’s why we brought him in.”

On DT Ndamukong Suh’s progression and the value he brings to the team: “Outstanding. He’s outstanding. I remember being in the league, all you can think of is a great player. When you get here, you have a chance to work with him, you see why he’s a great player. He works his tail off, he’s a true professional in every sense of the word and every time he comes out here to practice he practices like he’s supposed to. “

On what he’s seen from the defense that has impressed him: “I really like the group’s competitive spirit. When we get out there and have a drill against the offense, they don’t like to lose and that’s something (that) a lot of times you can find throughout the group. Even when we’ve gone six days in a row, whatever it is, they’ve done a great job in terms of really competing, working to get better, helping each other out and that’s really a great sign, I think.”

On how he feels about the blend of rookies and veterans: “Yes, I do think we have a nice blend, because our older guys they are really good professionals. So, as a young person you may come in and think you know how this league works, but you have to have the right veteran leadership to help you get going.”

On what he thinks is the hardest part about being a rookie cornerback in the League: “You better have a short memory, because once you get beat teams will come after you. They’ll find a way to get after you with that same concept and same route in different ways and different formations to make it tough for you. So, you’ve got to have a short memory if you want to be a good corner. Eventually if you do, you’ll fight through it and if you’re talented and work hard enough, you’ll be a good player.”


On his emphasis with new rules pertaining to the defense: “Yeah, when we had the officials here last week, one thing we wanted them to do was call it like you’re going to call it when we get into the preseason. So, there were a lot of flags flying last week on our guys. We have to learn how to play with the rules. Whatever they are, whether we like them or dislike them, they’re the rules and that’s what we have to play with.”