Detroit Lions Training Camp Stock Report 8/1

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Stock Up!

Joseph Fauria

Aside from being a fan favorite, Fauria seems to have settled into a nice role with the Lions.  Taking the role many Lions fans will remember from Tony Scheffler, Fauria lines up immediately next to or just off the line and then stretches the middle of the field.  He wasn’t very effective at this last season, but he looks much more comfortable in the role this year.  His hands were just great, making some very difficult grabs both in and out of traffic.  He wasn’t drop free, however, but it is a rare sight to see an angry Big Joe and he only seems to get angry when he drops passes.  Saw it once today and that was it, he was otherwise amazing.

Stock Up! 2.0

Brandon Pettigrew

Seemingly the forgotten man in the TE rotation despite being the likely starter, Pettigrew seems to have a very defined role in the Lions offense.  All of his routes were of the short variety, designed to get a small amount of yardage quickly.  He was the only Tight End I didn’t see drop a pass, though.  Let that sink in.

Stock Down…

Eric Ebron

Ebron is going to drop some passes, folks.  He had issues with drops at North Carolina, and those have persisted in training camp.  The good news is that I only saw one drop today, and it was of the ‘going to the ground’ variety.  There are reasons to be confident in Ebron, specifically the varied way in which he is used and moved around the field.  He was also excellent in his blocking today, dropping his shoulder and laying a mean block on an inside run.

It won’t mean much if the 10th overall pick can’t get his hands in order.  Most of his drops at UNC were concentration issues, and with so much to take in with this offense it’s possible that’s still the issue.  He needs to reign it in, though.  If Ebron can make the kinds of plays he made at UNC, people will forgive the drops.