Detroit Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals: SLR Staff Predictions

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Darin Ackerman – The Lions have a knack for setting up career games for rookies and talented first year player Giovani Bernard will continue that trend as OC Jay Gruden looks to exploit the questionable Lions’ run defense. A big game from Bernard will help set up the Bengals’ streaky passing game and AJ. Green will exploit his size advantage over Houston for decent numbers. However, Dalton’s has shown a propensity for going into the tank under heavy pressure and the Lions should be able to accomplish such with their disruptive front four and the help of a raucous fan base. On the offensive side of the ball, expect star rookie Fauria to get more looks from Stafford as he continues to fill the void of a true complimentary receiver. In a physical match-up, the Lions’ offense scores enough points to get them their fifth win of the season. Lions 27, Bengals 23

Aaron Meckes – With a healthier Calvin Johnson to help balance the offensive attack, Detroit finds the endzone often. Detroit’s defense intercepts Andy Dalton twice, as the Lions make a statement to the rest of the NFL that they are a team to be reckoned with. Detroit takes it convincingly, 38-17.

Marty Medvedik – This looks like it’s going to be a fun and exciting game to watch for even the casual fan let alone us Lions fans. Two 4-2 division leaders with explosive offensives going toe to toe on that fast track at Ford Field. Two of the Best receivers in the game with Calvin Johnson and A. J. Green. Two of the Best interior defensive lineman in Ndumakong Suh and Geno Atkins. I’ll bet Monday Night Football wishes it could figure out a way to switch this game with the dud they have coming up with the Vikings and Giants. Expect to see a healthier Megatron this week and that will stretch out the field for everyone else. Matthew Stafford has to get more accurate in a hurry. This should be one of those old fashioned shoot-outs with a total of points nearing 100. Lions 45, Bengals 41.

Braden Shackelford – Both teams feature elite wide receivers. Both teams feature high octane offenses that have tendencies to disappear. Both teams have dominate players along the defensive line and defenses that can create turnovers. On paper, this game looks like a battle of evenly matched teams. If the Lions are going to beat the Bengals they will need to get one on one match ups with Reggie Bush and the Bengals linebackers and capitalize. The Lions have shown that when they run the ball successfully or at least exploit mismatches with Reggie Bush underneath that they can move the ball with ease. However, because the Bengals are so sound defensively and the Lions rely so heavily on turnovers this game may come down to quarterback play and I’ll take Matthew Stafford over Andy Dalton any day. If the Lions are going to win the NFC North they have to win their home games and this is a very winnable game.
Prediction: Lions win 31-27