How to Tell if You’re “That Guy” at a Super Bowl Party


Obnoxious headware definitely falls in “that guy” territory. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Chances are you’re like millions of other Americans and you will be watching Super Bowl XLVII with a group of other people – some you know, some you don’t – at a Super Bowl party. While there is always a lot of excitement on Super Sunday, there is often also a sense of dread at having to spend it with “that guy” – the person you wish just wasn’t around.

Worse yet, you might be “that guy” and not even know it. recently conducted a study and separated out the worst Super Bowl party guests into six categories. If you find you’re at a Super Bowl party on Sunday and find yourself falling into one of these categories, immediately stop what you’re doing and slap yourself.

1. The Know-it-all

"The one who knows all there is to know about football, food and the commercials."

No one likes a know-it-all in any environment, much less at a Super Bowl party. Remember you are there to watch a good football game, eat some good food and see some good commercials in between. That doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone else everything you know about each of those topics. You are a guest (or host) at a Super Bowl party, not a contestant on Jeopardy!

2. The Remote Dominator

"The one who won’t stop controlling the volume, changing the settings and flipping channels."

If you are hosting a Super Bowl party be sure to set your TV to your local CBS station at a reasonable volume level well before your guests arrive. Once you’ve done that, hide every remote you own. If you are a guest at a Super Bowl party, just don’t touch the remote. Ever.

3. The Social Butterfly

"The one who doesn’t watch the game and doesn’t stop talking."

Super Bowl parties are naturally social events. But when you’re near the TV, zip the lip. There wouldn’t be a party without the game and while you might not really care about it, others certainly will. Be respectful and take extraneous conversations to another room.

4. The Super Fan

"The team’s biggest fan who doesn’t let you forget it by showing up decked out in his/her favorite team’s gear and shoots off stats left and right."

Want to wear your favorite jersey to the party? Fine, but just remember this isn’t a costume party. You know you’ve gone too far when what you are wearing becomes a spectacle unto itself. Team gear should add to the atmosphere, not dominate it. Football talk is obviously allowed but don’t let the facts and figures send you into Know-it-all status. Re-read number one above if necessary.

5. The Dieter

"The one counting calories on one of the most celebrated days of junk food."

There is nothing wrong with wanting to drop a few pounds but a Super Bowl party is not he place to obsess about it. If you find yourself hovering over the food table with a calorie calculator, you’re doing it wrong. Eat a little or eat a lot. No one cares either way until you start talking about it. Then it’s a problem.

6. The Commercial Watcher

"The one who only pays attention during the commercials."

It’s a Super Bowl party, not a commercial watching party. Yes, advertisers pay a lot of money for a Super Bowl spot and they bring out some of their very best during the game but that pales in comparison to the achievements and abilities of the men that will be on the screen between the commercials. It’s the biggest game of the country’s most popular league. Cool it with the commercials, people.

Avoid the traits that define these six types of people and you are sure to have a good time at your Super Bowl party. More importantly, you’ll be likely to get an invite for many years to come.