The Detroit Lions' 20-13 loss was ugly in n..."/> The Detroit Lions' 20-13 loss was ugly in n..."/>

What They’re Saying About the Detroit Lions’ Loss to the Vikings


Sep 30, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz looks onto the field against the Minnesota Vikings during the fourth quarter at Ford Field. Vikings defeat the Lions 20-13. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-US PRESSWIRE

The Detroit Lions’ 20-13 loss was ugly in nearly all phases of the game. The offense was impotent and the special teams were terrible. The defense played well but couldn’t come up with the kind of big play that the Lions needed.

Here is a sampling of what is being said about the game around the internet:

"The march of the torches and pitchforks is coming after a 1-3 start.The first casualty should be special teams coordinator Danny Crossman. He should be fired promptly."

"With the weapons the Lions have on their roster, there’s simply no excuse for the team to score just six points in the first 57 minutes of the game. Quarterback Matthew Stafford had a decent day, completing 31-50 for 319 yards with no turnovers, but he failed to throw for a touchdown. That’s not entirely his fault as both Brandon Pettigrew and Calvin Johnson weren’t able to hold on to scoring tosses."

"Tough, opportunistic and resilient — characteristics so elusive during last year’s 3-13 debacle — define the Vikings one quarter into the 2012 season. Nobody is crowning anybody. But responding from their head-turning win over San Francisco at the Dome with a milestone victory on the road was twice as satisfying."

"If only it were as easy as booting 11 special-teamers and canning the special-teams coach. This goes deeper, to the very essence of how the Lions are built, and they’re lucky they have a bye week to try to figure it out."

"Sunday started ugly. It ended ugly. In between, it was mostly ugly. Five sacks of Matthew Stafford? Two costly pass-interference penalties on Bill Bentley? A critical fumble by an anemic Mikel Leshoure? Besides, when your first play goes 105 yards the wrong direction, you’re already in a ditch.And that is where our local football team resides this morning. You are what your record says you are. Bill Parcells was right. It doesn’t matter what the preseason pundits proclaimed, doesn’t mater how sexy Stafford-to-Calvin Johnson looks on highlight reels. Save the talk about talent and potential. The standings don’t lie."