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What They’re Saying About the Detroit Lions’ Loss to the Titans


The week three game between the Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans is sure to get people talking. Here’s a sampling of what they are already saying in the various corners of the internet:

"The Lions need to stop trying to become this well-balanced offensive team that believes running is just as important as passing. Mikel Leshoure is not a bad running back at all. In fact, he is very talented, and 100 yards rushing and one touchdown proves it.However, Detroit cannot lose its offensive identity by forcing this “pound the rock” mentality."

"Something is not right with the Lions defensive line.Jake Locker, a second-year quarterback, was not put under any duress whatsoever. He wasn’t sacked and he was hit only once. The Lions got eight tackles from the defensive line, five by Cliff Avril. Willie Young, Sammie Hill, Corey Williams and Nick Fairley didn’t get a single tackle."

"If you notice — unless you spend a lot time playing fantasy football, or are mysteriously addicted to the NFL Network — none of the names of the above-mentioned Titans players is familiar to you. There’s a reason for that. The Titans aren’t very good. In fact, they were outscored 72-23 in their first two games by New England and San Diego. Tennessee quarterback Jake Locker is a talented kid, sure, but he was only making his third NFL start. He wasn’t supposed to go 29-for-42 passing for 378 yards and two touchdowns."

"In response to questions about the decision, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz, said the play was “miscommunication” and that his team never intended to go for it.It may have been a “miscommunication” to go for it, but should the Lions have taken advantage of the situation and really gone for it?It appears so."

"At some point this season — maybe sooner, maybe later — we will look back and see how important or how inconsequential the events of Sunday afternoon were for the Titans.Was this the start of a real reclamation project, or just a momentary uptick in an otherwise unremarkable season?I’ll have to get back to you on that.For now, though, enjoy this for what it was: a football high-wire act where the Titans survived to play another day."