Premature NFC North Over/Under Predictions


Last week, Cantor Gaming released their NFL season win totals.  The NFC North as a whole has the highest projected win total (36) among all of the divisions.  Below is how I see the NFC North playing out this year.

Green Bay Packers – 12 Wins
The Packers have the highest win total along with the Patriots in the league at 12.  Although they won 15 games last year, it is going to be very tough for them to repeat their regular season last year.  Looking at their schedule, the Packers should be favored in all of their games next year.  They have the two trips to Detroit and Chicago, an away game against the Giants, and open up the season hosting the 49ers.  Their defense was boosted through the draft, but I’m still not sold that a bunch of rookies will make as big of a difference as some are expecting.  In the end, I think 12 wins sounds right.  PUSH

Detroit Lions – 9.5 Wins

Finishing with 10 wins last year, I think the win total for the Detroit Lions is set at the right number.  We know of all the troubles certain Lions players have been getting themselves into this offseason and it will be interesting to see how much of an effect that will have on the team.  The best combination in all of football, Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, will enter the 2012 season after setting records in their first full season together.  There aren’t any glaring weak spots besides the secondary and in a division that can throw the ball, it will be so important that the unit improves.  Tough games this year include home games against the Bears, Packers, Texans, and Falcons with road games against the 9ers, Eagles, Bears, and Packers.  Right now, I see 10 wins for this club.  OVER

Chicago Bears – 8.5 Wins
Many are predicting the Chicago Bears to be a breakout team in 2012 especially after reuniting Jay Cutler with Brandon Marshall.  I assume the majority of people are going to take the Bears winning atleast 9 games without thinking much.  After all, they did win 8 games even without Jay Cutler down the stretch.  However, I’m not buying the Bears quite yet for two main reasons.  The defense is really starting to get old and the offensive line is still really bad.  They have the combined four games against the Lions and Packers, a pair of other tough games (Cowboys and 49ers), and home games against the Panthers and Texans.  Sorry Bears fans, but I just can’t see the team being that much better.  A total of 8 wins sounds right. UNDER

Minnesota Vikings – 6 Wins
This is a total that if I were a betting man, I would play in a heartbeat.  The Vikings won only three games last year and who knows how well their star, Adrian Peterson, is going to perform this year.  On their schedule, I see 8 almost automatic losses, leaving them needing to win 6 of the other 8 games.  If they win those 6 games, I will be absolutely shocked.  UNDER