SLR Predictions: Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos


Zach Berridge: This game is going to be two huge tests for the Lions this week. The first, obviously is how they will react to a multi-game losing streak. Denver is a very beatable opponent, but you never know going on the road. The Lions are well aware of how important this game is before their bye. The second test is going to be getting off to a fast start. They need to come out and score on their first drive or two. The Lions have scored 194 points this season. Only 66 of those have come in the first half (34%). Tim Tebow, will thrive on high crowd energy, so they need to be eliminated from the equation early. Fortunately, Tebow is the only viable offensive weapon left on this squad, and I see the Lions D shutting him down. Now the only question is if the offense follows suit. Lions 27, Broncos 10

Nate VanNorwick: Well, I said last week that I couldn’t see the Lions losing two in a row. I was wrong (just like I was about the success of New Coke and investing in Enron). Having said that, I really don’t think that they can lose three in a row, especially against a Denver team with Tebow at quarterback. Lions 27, Bronco’s 13

Marty Medvedik: The Detroit Lions need to show up for an entire game. Starting this week in Denver would be a good start. If the Bronco’s gave up 7 sacks against Miami then the Lions should harass Tim Tebow all day long. They’re overdue. Lions 28, Broncos 10

Chris Czar: Unfortunately the Tim Tebow hype is heating back up again right when the Lions have started struggling. The Broncos aren’t as good as the Lions, but they’re not terrible and the Lions have been playing awful the last couple weeks. I have a bad feeling this game will follow the same routine. They’ll get down early and the comeback will be ended short again. The Lions head to the bye week with no momentum after a gut-checking loss. Broncos 17, Lions 16

Ross Husson: The Lions will end their two-game losing streak this weekend against the Broncos. Denver’s offense is just not good enough to keep up with Detroit’s. Tim Tebow is making his second start of the year and although he won last week, he did struggle quite a bit. He only completed 13 of his 27 passes against a below-average Miami Dolphins pass defense. The Honolulu Blue’s secondary is underrated and I think they’ll come away with a couple INTs. The Lions are simply a better team than the Dolphins. Lions get back on track, 24-10.

Zac Snyder: I don’t want to say this is a must-win for the Lions but if they lose this game they will likely be looking back at the end of the season and point to it as the reason things didn’t turn out the way they had hoped. The Lions are the better team and need to come out and play like it. Bad things will happen by letting Tim Tebow and the Broncos hang around in the game longer than they should. I expect the Lions to come out fired up, especially defensively, and make things very difficult for the Broncos. Denver might make it interesting late but the Lions will win comfortably, 27-17.

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