SLR Predictions: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions


Chris Czar: After two consecutive huge comeback victories, the national lovefest of the Lions is at an all-time high. However, we’re beginning to see some pundits calling them frauds after getting down early in the last two games. But the Lions finally get a chance to prove themselves on a national stage in their triumphant return to Monday Night Football. Ford Field will be wild after the last two road victories and Jay Culter and company will do little against a pumped up defense. Look for the loudest cheers to come on the first Roy Williams drop. Offensively, the Lions will follow the same path of struggling early before making adjustments. Rookie Titus Young will make a big impression as the Bears learn from the Cowboys mistakes and blanket Calvin Johnson. Overally, it’s a convincing victory that will run the Lions record to 5-0. Lions 24, Bears 10

Mike Olsen: On Monday night, Detroit Lions fans will finally get what they have been dreaming of for years; a meaningful, prime time, nationally televised game. With Chicago at 2-2, the 4-0 Lions have an opportunity to separate themselves from the Bears early with a three game lead, and keep pace with or overtake the Packers. With so many quality NFC teams, there is little chance that both wild cards will go to the same division, so the Lions must at least finish second, if not first in the North. The Bears will likely build on last week’s running success with Matt Forte, and will undoubtedly utilize his receiving skills. The key to this game, on both sides of the ball, is the ability to apply pressure on the quarterback. The Lions need to get their lackluster pass rush going, and this is the week to do it, against an undermanned Bear offensive line. The Bears bring a bottom third defense into Monday Night Football, and the Lions offense will be able to take advantage, and score some points. Pressure on cutler leads to turnovers, and the much maligned quarterback will likely throw in the towel once the going gets tough. The crowd will be crazy, and the Lions will bring their A-game. Detroit Lions 38, Chicago Bears 21

Marty Medvedik: The Detroit Lions are sitting at 4-0 and look ready for their national coming out party if front of the whole world when Monday Night Football rolls into town. Coach Schwartz will have them ready for a playoff game type of atmosphere. The Bears were the worst team to ever make a conference championship game. Last season they got lucky against the Lions and Coach will remind them that this was the last team to beat them, an unbelievable nine games ago, last year. The Lions blow the roof off that sucker and it lands somewhere near the old Tiger Stadium. Lions 41- 10.

Ross Husson: This is the opportunity the Lions need to show the world that they aren’t the Detroit Lions of old. It is Monday Night Football and the Lions are looking for revenge against the Bears. As you can recall, the Bears beat the Lions twice last year and both of the games had BIG calls go against the Lions. I think the Lions will get revenge on the Bears come Monday. I wrote earlier this week about the continuous struggle of Chicago’s offensive line. Nick Fairley looks like he will make his NFL debut on Monday which just boosts an already great defensive line. I think the d-line will create some big plays. I don’t think the Bears have enough in the secondary to stop Matthew Stafford from having his way. With the atmosphere that will be there on Monday night and the way the Lions have started the season, I expect the Lions to win again. Lions 26, Bears 17.

Zac Snyder: The Lions will come out fast with a raucous home crowd supporting them. The Bears will need to quiet the crowd or the rout could be on. I have too much respect for the Bears to believe that will happen but I expect the Lions to win. Lions 30, Bears 20

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