The game that we've all had circled since the schedule was released is finally upon ..."/> The game that we've all had circled since the schedule was released is finally upon ..."/>

Getting to Know the Chicago Bears with Bear Goggles On


The game that we’ve all had circled since the schedule was released is finally upon us. The Chicago Bears will travel to Ford Field to face the Lions on Monday Night Football.

In anticipation of the game, I got together with Mike “Boomer” Burzawa, the editor at Bear Goggles On, to ask a few questions about the Bears and the matchup against the Lions. My thanks to Boomer for taking the time to answer my questions and giving us some insight into this week’s enemy.

Zac Snyder: How do fans in Chicago react to a Monday night game on the Bears’ schedule?

Mike Burzawa: I can’t speak for all Bears fans, but it’s a mix of excitement and dread. Of course it’s an honor to be on Monday Night Football and get the national spotlight, but it’s met with dread because Cutler and the Bears have struggled a bit under the bright lights of prime time.

ZS: Is it possible to ever know what to expect from Jay Cutler? He seems to be up and down without any sort of pattern or reason.

MB: Expect the unexpected when it comes to Cutler and the Bears offense. He just hasn’t been able to get it going and find a rhythm since getting to Chicago. A big part of it is his lack of a supporting cast – offensive line and no wide receivers – but at some point, it still comes down to Jay making those around him better.

ZS: Are fans being patient with Lovie Smith through a 2-2 start based on the unexpectedly good season last year or is his seat heating up again?

MB: Lovie and Co. bought themselves some time with an NFC title game appearance, but that’s starting to wear thin. I used to have this dream of Lovie Smith getting fired. I even used to write a blog dedicated to the idea. I’ve since abandoned that fantasy because Lovie must have naked pictures of Ted Phillips or something, because he seems pretty untouchable.

ZS: Do the Bears rely on Matt Forte too heavily on offense?

MB: Is it that obvious? Forte is about all they’ve got going on that side of the ball. Look for a steady dose of Forte on Monday night, especially in the passing game. The Bears love getting him in space running screens and wheel routes with him running routes out of the backfield.

ZS: How is our old friend Roy Williams responding to life with the Bears?

MB: Do you want him back? When he showed up, Mike Martz anointed him the #1 wide receiver and predicted 70-80 catches this season. Bears fans have joked that we must have misheard Martz and that he actually said 17-18 catches. Williams has been a non-factor and I don’t expect anything out of him.

ZS: How do you think the Bears game against the Lions will go and what is your prediction for the final score?

MB: I’m not liking the Bears chances. Ford Field will be rocking on Monday night and I expect the crowd noise will give the Bears offense fits. That and the big angry Lions defensive line. Megatron will get some revenge from the “process of the catch” thing from last season. Hester has a knack for shining under the lights, so don’t be surprised if he brings one to the house to keep it respectable. Lions 24-20.

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