Detroit Lions Workouts End With Controversy


Buckle up boys and girls, we have another brewing “scandal” coming out of the Lions workouts. NFL Network showed up to film a spot about the Lions’ activities and it just so happens that Ndamukong Suh made his first appearance of the week, a fact not missed by the local media.

Chris McCosky:

"NFL Net here and whaddaya know so is SuhNFL Net is here and whaddaya know, so is Suh. Coincidence?"

Paula Pasche:

"About 30 #Lions at today’s workout including Ndamukong Suh, a first. NFL Network filming."

After today’s workout Suh blew off the local media but did stop to talk to NFL Network. Add in some of the opinions that were written while he was away and I can’t say that I entirely blame him.

Let’s play a little game of cause and effect. Cause courtesy of Paula Pasche on June 6:

"#Lions Ndamukong Suh a notable absence — again! No excuse, as a team leader he should be at workouts."

Effect courtesy of Paula Pasche following today’s workouts:

"Ndamukong Suh blew off Detroit media after interview with NFL Network. Unbelievable."

Unbelievable? I’d say today’s actions are at least somewhat believable. If team leaders Dominic Raiola and Kyle Vanden Bosch don’t have an issue with his absence, why should a beat reporter?

Was the snub-job unprofessional? Yeah, I’ll say that, but I’ll also say that he has the right to speak to (or not speak to) reporters of his choice. Today he chose Terry Foster as his exclusive local mouthpiece:

"The word got back to Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. He’d heard that fans were complaining that he did not support teammates because he was not showing up for voluntary workouts at Detroit Country Day High School. Suh believed it wasn’t necessary to be there, since he was working out elsewhere.But Suh did return and joined teammates Friday at Detroit Country Day. It might have been about show more than substance, but Suh changed his stance and decided he needed to join teammates."

You can read the rest of Foster’s column at the Detroit News Website. [Update: Terry Foster spoke with Suh two weeks ago, not today]

Not all the local beat writers had a problem with Suh’s actions. Tom Kowalski explained in a series of tweets:

"Terry Foster wasn’t at workout … Suh apparently picking and choosing his media outlets … That’s his prerogative …"

"By the way, I’m not mad at Suh … Just saying he wouldn’t talk .. Over the years, there have been a LOT of players who wouldn’t talk to me"

"Most fans don’t care if players talk or not, they just want them to play well on the field … I’m cool with that"

"Robert Porcher wouldn’t talk to me for 10 years … He had great career and I’m still here … Life goes on …"

I’d love to hear what other Lions fans think about today’s events. Let me know in the comments.

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