Detroit Lions Mock Draft Database Tries to Find a Consensus


It has been a while since I compiled a Detroit Lions mock draft database so I thought it was time to give it another look now that the draft is less than a week away.

Like I mentioned earlier, mock drafts do have some use, especially when the sample size is increased. It is said that an infinite amount of monkeys with typewriters will eventually reproduce a work of Shakespeare if given an infinite amount of time. We’re running short on time and we definitely don’t have an infinite amount of monkeys but I have produced a list of picks from 73 recently updated mock drafts.

I’ll take a closer, more objective look at the data next week but some clear trends can be seen from scanning the list.

Mock DraftUpdatedLions SelectionPos.School
Official Database Mock4/21Tyron SmithOTUSC
Draft Countdown4/21Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
The Big Lead4/21Ryan KerriganDEPurdue
My NFL Draft4/21Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Draft Maven (Mike)4/21Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Draft Breakdown4/21Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
East Coast Sports4/21Aldon SmithDEMissouri
SKOHRboard4/21Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Draft Ace4/21Robert QuinnDENorth Carolina
NE Patriots Draft4/21Muhammad WilkersonDTTemple
FF Jungle (Bryan)4/21Gabe CarimiOTWisconsin
BlitzCast Blog4/21Da’Quan BowersDEClemson
Addenda Provided4/21Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
NFL Rough Draft (Ray)4/21Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
Mock-NFL-Draft4/21Ryan KerriganDEPurdue
MockDraftOnline (Eric)4/21Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Ultimate NFL Draft4/21Nate SolderOTColorado (Baldinger)4/20Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
ESPN (McShay)4/20Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Sporting News4/20Jimmy SmithCBColorado
Draft Headquarters4/20Aldon SmithDEMissouri
TheCommShowBomb4/20Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Big Mouth’s4/20Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
NFLsFuture4/20Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
Alfredo Roig’s Draft4/20Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
Optimum Scouting4/20Tyron SmithOTUSC
Fox Sports (Schrager)4/20Da’Quan BowersDEClemson
KFFL4/20Cameron JordanDECalifornia
85 Percent Sports4/20Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
One ? News4/20Aldon SmithDEMissouri
Baltimore Blackbirds4/20Jimmy SmithCBColorado
Fast Football4/20Da’Quan BowersDEClemson
ForwardDownTheField4/20Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Seahawks Draft4/20Da’Quan BowersDEClemson
FF Toolbox (Joel)4/20Tyron SmithOTUSC
Draft Tek4/20Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Draft America4/20Jimmy SmithCBColorado
FanSpeak4/20Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
FF Toolbox (Matt)4/20Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Sports Agent Blog4/20Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Fant Football Brothers4/20Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
Pasta Padre4/20Tyron SmithOTUSC
Consensus Draft4/20Da’Quan BowersDEClemson
With the 1st Pick (Larry)4/19Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Real Sports Hype4/19Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
FF Xtreme4/19Tyron SmithOTUSC
CBS Sports (Rang)4/19Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
CBS Sports (Reuter)4/19Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
Great Blue Draft4/19Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Pro Football Talk4/19Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
SportsBank.net4/19Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
The Trojan Empire4/19Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Big D’s4/19Da’Quan BowersDEClemson
Football Draft Analysis4/19Da’Quan BowersDEClemson
Turf Show Times4/19Tyron SmithOTUSC
FootballDogz4/19Adrian ClaybornDEIowa
Inside the Eagles4/19Nate SolderOTColorado
SideLion Report4/18Tyron SmithOTUSC
National Football Authority4/18Aldon SmithDEMissouri
Fan Fraternity4/18Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
NFL Yost Mock4/18Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Sports News Southwest4/18Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Bring the House4/18Tyron SmithOTUSC
Football Dialogue4/18Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
Walter Football4/18Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
New Era Scouting (Brad)4/18Cameron JordanDECalifornia
Blog that Boredom Built4/18Da’Quan BowersDEClemson
Draft Shack (Tony)4/18Julio JonesWRAlabama
NBA Draft Guru4/18Da’Quan BowersDEClemson
Draft Shack (Nate)4/18Tyron SmithOTUSC
Pats Draft4/18Tyron SmithOTUSC (Davis)4/18Tyron SmithOTUSC
Uncle Scurvy4/18Da’Quan BowersDEClemson

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