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Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills Q&A with BuffaLowDown


(note: Special thanks to Paul Miller of BuffaLowDown for taking the time to answer some of my questions leading up to the Lions game with the Bills. To complete the favor I answered Paul’s questions.)

Zac Snyder: Have the Bills’ close losses helped give the team confidence that they will pull out a victory eventually or have they done more harm than good?

Paul Miller: The close victories have indeed helped the Bills confidence from week to week. Although they haven’t walked away with a W yet, the Bills have shown enough heart and passion to keep most of their fan base patient through this tough rebuilding year. The hard work they have been putting in all year are bound to pay out before the end of the year, they will not go 0-16.

ZS: Jahvid Best and C.J. Spiller were often compared to one another leading up to the draft. What has been your overall impression of Spiller as a player and how he is being used?

PM: In the preseason, Spiller looked like a great decision made by the Bills to select him with their #9 overall pick in the draft. Unfortunately, the fans of Buffalo haven’t seen much from Spiller this season, and I will be quick to point out that it’s not entirely Spiller’s fault. Coach Gailey has been hesitant to use Spiller so far this season. At 0-8, I’m not sure why Spiller isn’t seeing 15+ touches a game, but he’s not. Most of his work can be found on special teams, and if you asked me, it was a waste of a pick at #9 if Spiller isn’t going to be in Gailey’s offensive plans from here on out.

ZS: What do the Bills do best and what do they do worst?

PM: I feel like I haven’t been able to say this in ten years, but the Bills are extremely good at finding the open receiver. Ryan Fitzpatrick has done an outstanding job reading defenses and standing in the pocket to hit the open receiver. Although he has done an outstanding job, Fitzpatrick still has a bad habit of trying to force a couple passes a game, with many ended up being game changing interceptions.

The Bills are horrible at getting to the quarterback. Last week I thought the Bills were going to be able to get their first win against Jay Cutler and the Bears. But instead of being able to put pressure of Culter, much like everyone has this season, the Bills were letting him sit in the pocket for over six seconds at times, and hit the open man.

ZS: What do the Bills need to do to win on Sunday?

PM: In order to win on Sunday the Bills must win the turnover battle. As mentioned before, Fitzpatrick’s interceptions has killed the Bills in close game situations. If the Bills defense can pull in some interceptions of their own, they will have an excellent chance at winning.

ZS: How do you view the Bills’ long term viability in Buffalo? Is a permanent move to Toronto a possibility?

PM: So tired of this question. The Buffalo Bills WILL NOT BE MOVING TO TORONTO. Why would the Bills move to a place that doesn’t even sell out it’s game when it’s there 1 time a year (not counting preseason). There are far worse teams out there that have completely lost their fan base, yes you Jacksonville, that the NFL should consider moving before looking at the Bills’ situation. Also, Jim Kelly has made it public numerous times that he has a team of investors that are willing to purchase the Bills and keep them in Buffalo once Ralph Wilson passes on.

ZS: What is your prediction for Sunday’s game?

PM: Bills 24 – Lions 10