Randy Moss on waivers, should Lions pursue? [UPDATED]


According to Pro Football Talk, the Minessota Vikings have released wide receiver Randy Moss. We will know by 4 pm today whether or not anyone has claimed him, but I would find it hard to believe if no team puts out a waiver claim for him.The question is whether or not the Lions should put in a claim.  The According to Kevin Seifert, ESPN’s NFC North blogger, Lions would actually be 10th on the waiver wire order as this season’s record would be taken into account.

Personally, I think the Lions should try to claim Moss. Moss, who has a combined 21 receptions for 313 yards between the Patriots and Vikings, hasn’t been particularly good this season, but this team is 2-5, and it doesn’t hurt to bring in a dynamic deep threat like Moss and see if he can add anything to this team. When bringing in a guy with a character history like Moss, I think its important to evaluate whether the risk is worth the reward, so lets do that.

Lets say that Moss is brought in. That would add an immediate deep threat receiver that has been missing opposite of Calvin Johnson. Moss hasn’t been all that effective with either the Vikings or the Patriots, but he still has five touchdown receptions. Plus, with both teams, opposing defenses could double cover him if they wanted to as the second option never required double coverage. In Detroit, it would be completely different. Calvin Johnson always commands double coverage and the best corner on the opposing team. That would leave Moss one on one with the opposing team’s second corner. If thats the case, I have to think that he would be able to win many of those matchups.

Also, if teams decided to double cover both Moss and Megatron with a safety and corner each, then the middle of the field would become that much more open for guys like Tony Schefler, Brandon Pettigrew and Jahvid Best. Just look at Cincinatti and how Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson (I refuse to call him Ochocinco) are benefitting off of each other. Detroit could have the same thing. There is also another underlying factor that could entice the Lions to pick up Moss: offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. Moss had some of his best years under him, and Linehan could very well convince Mayhew to pick up Moss.

There are, however, a few negatives to bringing in Moss. He is going to be on his third team this season for a reason. Moss has a history of insubordination, and can be a distraction to the locker room. In addition, he is also known for taking plays off. Also, You have to question how hard he would play for a 2-5 team that has next to no chance of making the playoffs. The good thing, however, is that we can cut him in the first sign of trouble and not owe him a penny.

To me, this is a low risk, high reward situation. The Lions have nothing to lose by claiming Moss. They are not giving up any draft picks, they won’t owe him any money. At the end of the year, if he is successful, then they could either sign him to a long-term contract (no more than three) and keep him in Detroit or franchise tag him and then trade him to a team that needs receiver help.


Tom Kowlaksi is reporting that the Lions are unlikely to claim Moss:

"While Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz wouldn’t discuss the situation in specifics — sticking to the team’s motto of never ruling anything out — it appears extremely unlikely the club will pursue receiver Randy Moss."