It's Just Sports are catching wind that a few Lions are definitely on the block this week.  It&#..."/> It's Just Sports are catching wind that a few Lions are definitely on the block this week.  It&#..."/>

It’s a Matter of Talent.


The boys at It’s Just Sports are catching wind that a few Lions are definitely on the block this week. 

It’s not exactly surprising, frankly the season is over at this point. The head of the dragon has  been cut off, and though the beast is still in the air, flailing about, we indeed to realize that it’s going to hit the ground with quite a thud.

But what is the salvage value of this wreck?

We are playing a Vikings team that is looking awful promising despite their record, they came up big on Monday Night Football and their starting QB actually has a vivid memory of the Detroit Lions last playoff game. Why? Cause he was in it. As our Starting QB. Go figure, everything goes in circles, right?

He’s played for like 20 teams since, google him you can see pictures of him in every team jersey imaginable, and yet he lands on a team that can draft, has an excellent running game and a vicious defense. They are poised to win, all he has to do is not turn the ball over. This is the state of the NFL: if you can draft position players, a disaster like Tavarus Jackson being replaced by a journeyman is not really a disaster. By drafting viable talent, you set this guy up to deliver.

Talent is the magic word in the NFL, and if you can’t draft it, you can’t succeed. And what have the Lions and Millen been absolutely wretched at? You’re supposed to have one or two excellent drafts, several decent drafts and sprinkle in a bad one here or there. Lions? Charles Rogers, Mike Williams (worst pick in the last ten years by ANY NFL team if you ask me), McDougal, Harrington… High round picks, top 10 picks and they aren’t playing NFL ball. It wasn’t just a matter of parting ways, or a better fit. THEY AREN’T PLAYING BALL. These guys try out for other teams and they are told ‘Sorry, you aren’t good enough to play here’. As it turns out, anywhere. 

Roy Williams has 15 receptions for 209 total yards and one touchdown. In week 6. These are not impressive numbers. They aren’t notable numbers. They aren’t Good numbers. What exactly can the Lions get for this guy? If the team does nothing, he is most likely splitsville after this season. Do nothing, get nothing. If the team franchises him, they are paying him like he’s a top five in the league receiver (he’s nowhere NEAR that) and you’re going to have half of your cap tied up in Roy, Calvin and the inevitable top 3 draft pick you’re going to be stuck with in April. 

If you can find someone to give you a 3rd rounder for him, take it. Best case scenario. And you never know, all it would take for Roy to be extremely desirable is an ankle cracker during practice for a star Wide Receiver. Then the “Real” teams in the NFL will start calling.

Fire sale in Detroit people! Call all your friends, family and acquaintances. EVERYTHING MUST GO AND WE’RE PASSING THE SAVINGS ONTO YOU!!