Veteran free agent edge rusher looks like an ideal fit for the Detroit Lions playoff push

The Detroit Lions need to do something about their pass rush, and a veteran free agent might be a perfect fit.
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The ups and downs of the Detroit Lions' pass rush continued on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. They did not sack Justin Herbert, and rarely even got close to him (five quarterback hits). Of their 21 sacks through nine games, 18 have come over three games: Week 3-Atlanta Falcons (7), Week 4-Green Bay Packers (5) and Week 8-Las Vegas Raiders (6).

The Lions are getting no pash rush impact from anyone other than Aidan Hutchinson, who has now gone four straight games with a sack. Some of that is rooted in expecting better from Charles Harris and Romeo Okwara, as well as James Houston being out the last several weeks (and at least a couple more) with a fractured ankle. But it's undeniably not good enough, and a trade deadline addition might have been nice. Not necessarily a big name that would have had a high cost, just someone who can do something to generate heat on opposing quarterbacks.

Veteran free agent practically begging for a team like the Lions to sign him

Last week, surely carrying some well-calculated water for an agent, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network dropped this nugget.

Jason Pierre-Paul's best days are behind him at 34 years old, but he was fairly effective over 14 games with the Baltimore Ravens last season while playing a noticeable 60 percent snap share. A contending team looking for pass rush help could do worse than him at this point.

Pierre-Paul continued his campaign to find a team in a recent interview with Josina Anderson of CBS Sports.

"I been training my a*s off, even though I'm not on a team," "I been looking at a lot of football lately, and I feel like I can still make a contender shift now. There are plenty of teams that still need a pass rush. So I'm just waiting for that call."

"If you go back and watch the film with the Ravens, you can see I played very physical," Pierre-Paul told Anderson. "Even in that first game, I did tremendously good. Film don't lie. Whatever team I end up on is going to get the best of me. I'll be all out; I don't need a whole season. There are teams I want to be on. I'm looking for my third push to another Super Bowl ring. People love winners."

For whatever it's worth, Pierre Paul has won two Super Bowls in his career. More broadly, he has played in 11 playoff games. A young Lions' team could use that kind of postseason experience.

The Lions value overall fit as much, if not more, than the talent a player brings to the table. With few options to bolster a lagging and inconsistent pass rush though, other than hoping someone internally steps up down the stretch, Pierre-Paul is at least worth checking into.


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