Travis Kelce takes opportunities to praise Sam LaPorta at 'Tight End U'

Game recognizes game, and Travis Kelce took every opportunity to publicly praise Sam LaPorta at 'Tight End U.'
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The annual 'Tight End U' hosted by George Kittle, Greg Olsen and Travis Kelce recently wrapped up in Nashville, with three Detroit Lions tight ends (Sam LaPorta, Brock Wright and Shane Zylstra) in attendance.

LaPorta had a fantastic rookie season last year, setting every single-season record for a Lions' tight end (regardless of experience level) and setting the league record for receptions by a rookie tight end. Among all tight ends in the league last year, LaPorta was fourth in catches (86), fifth in receiving yards (889) and first in touchdowns (10).

LaPorta is naturally not resting on any laurels, with ways he knows he can hone his game heading into his second season.

"I’m trying to throw my hands, play a little bit lower in the run game," LaPorta said. "And then in the receiving game, trying not to give so many tells in my routes, crossing over, late hands catching the ball. Just a few things."

It's one thing for Lions fans, coaches and teammates to praise LaPorta. It has to mean a little bit more when the praise comes from peers. Fellow Iowa alum Kittle did it plenty a year ago or so, before LaPorta had even played an NFL game.

Travis Kelce takes every opportunity to praise Sam LaPorta at "Tight End U"

Until someone unseats him, Kelce is the best tight end in the NFL and he has been for years. Taylor Lewan, the former Titans' offensive tackle and co-host of the Bussin' With The Boys" podcast, asked Kelce who the best tight end was down at "Tight End U" this year.

“LaPorta had a f*cking year, dude” Kelce told Lewan. “LaPorta had a year last year. I’m pumped on seeing where he goes his second year because his first year, he killed it.”

The language in the whole video below is NSFW in spots, and the part about LaPorta starts at around the 3:20 mark.

Kelce was later a guest on the "Bussin With the Boys" podcast itself, and he praised LaPorta again.

"Dude, LaPorta is a f*ckin’ stud. LaPorta is nasty,” Kelce said. “Those Iowa guys. They’re all here. They’ve got it figured it out.”

The Lions hoped they had a budding star when they drafted LaPorta, then he delivered the first season he did. As peer endorsements go, no one can top Kelce right now and the future Hall of Famer did it for LaPorta twice.


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