The Lions will not force feed Jahmyr Gibbs to pacify the fantasy football masses

Some people, particularly the fantasy football community, is mad--but the Lions won't force-feed Jahmyr Gibbs just to pacify the frustrated masses.
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Some people have been in on what David Montgomery could do with the Detroit Lions from the start. The drafting of Jahmyr Gibbs was a buzzkill, but it was not a death knell to Montgomery's fantasy prospects for this year--merely a change in expectations/draft value.

In the three games he has played so far this season, Montgomery has 21, 16 and 32 carries. And he did not finish the 16-carry game, as he suffered a thigh injury. In those same games, Gibbs has 7, 7 and 8 carries, with 17 carries in the game Montgomery missed.

With Montgomery being productive as he was on Thursday night against the Green Bay Packers (32 carries for 121 yards and three touchdowns), Gibbs' fantasy managers were tilting all over Twitter. But the Lions have made no secret about how they view their backfield duo, and the game situation against the Packers was not built for Gibbs. The Lions threw the ball eight times in the second half.

You don't have to look hard to find how Gibbs' fantasy managers are (still) mad at the Lions for how little he's being used, and the frustration is to be expected.

But, h/t to Mike Payton of AtoZ Sports for the find, some guy who fancies himself as the "Fantasy Football Counselor" on Twitter went completely out of his mind. I'm a little disappointed I just gave him the attention he craves so much, but that he won't use any part of his own name on this Twitter handle probably says it all.

The Lions will not force-feed Jahmyr Gibbs just to pacify the mad masses

Gibbs' usage (or lack thereof) is a topic Lions head coach Dan Campbell will have to deal with. To his credit he does not shy away from it, and he didn't after Thursday night's game (h/t to

"I just go back to this again, is man, every player grows at a different rate in this League. And Gibbs is only going to get better and better and better with time on task," And look, he’s making the right decisions. And there were a couple of things that happened with that turf out there that slowed him down a bit and then you’d like to believe with him in space, he’s going to create something there and didn’t quite get it going. But he will. We’re not panicking here. We’re going to continue to do some things to try to get him the football here." 

"Certainly having (David Montgomery) D-Mo allows us the ability to use both of them and use him a certain way, so we’re going to keep looking for targets, but look, we’re not going to try to force feed him," "We’ve got enough people that we can feed the ball and help us move and stay efficient. So, this kid’s going to be just fine. He’s smart, he works at it, and he does have versatility, so we’ll just keep going here.”

Gibbs averaged 5.0 yards per carry to Montgomery's 3.8 on Thursday night, which is where some of the constipation from the rookie's fantasy owners falls. But the Lions are playing winning football, and Gibbs will have his moments. Thursday night was just not one, with a 27-3 lead to protect.

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