Terrell Williams immediately proves why he will be a game-changing addition for Lions

Defensive line coach Terrell Williams proved with an interview why his approach will mesh incredibly well with the Detroit Lions.
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The Detroit Lions haven't begun signing free agents or drafting players, but one of their biggest offseason additions may have already been made.

Terrell Williams has come into the fold to coach Detroit's defensive linemen after six seasons int that role with the Tennessee Titans. The Lions registered an underwhelming 41 sacks last season, with 11.5 by Aidan Hutchinson and another five from Alim McNeill. Bit

Speaking to reporters in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine earlier this week, including Nolan Bianchi of the Detroit News, Williams shared some of his coaching values. It sounds as if his style will fit in well.

Via Tim Twentyman of Lions.com, Williams also talked about why he came to Detroit.

Dan (Campbell) and I have talked for years about having an opportunity to work together," Williams said Tuesday at the Combine. "When this opportunity came it was an easy decision for me. I'm thankful to the Tennessee Titans for allowing me to get out of my contract because that was a tough conversation because they were great to me over the last six years, and I planned on moving forward with them.

"But the opportunity to get with Dan and Brad (Holmes) and AG (Aaron Glenn) and those guys and work for this organization. And my wife has family in Detroit. And then my son with hockey. The hockey part was bigger than you think. It was a huge, huge part of me coming here to Detroit."

Williams' 12-year old son Tahj is a high-level hockey player, and he'll be joining one of Detroit's elite hockey programs. Giving his son that opportunity, along with a clear fit for himself, spurred the move to join the Lions' staff.

Dan Campbell praises Terrell Williams

Perhaps the biggest reason to be encouraged by the hire of Williams? It comes with a major stamp of approval from head coach Dan Campbell.

During his session with reporters at the combine this week, Campbell was asked to quantify what the addition of Williams means to the Lions.

"To be able to get Terrell Williams, someone I have had experience with, I think he's the best defensive line coach in the league. If he's not, he's certainly right up there. I think he knows how to develop. He's got experience in game planning and he's going to be beneficial for our guys up front."

When combined with Williams' approach, it sounds as if this pairing will be a match made in heaven. That could prove to be a big advantage for the Lions as they try to change their fortunes in the defensive trenches.

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