Reward outweighs any risk for Lions with Jared Goff extension

The Detroit Lions had to pony up to keep quarterback Jared Goff around, but the potential payoff outweighs any of the risk.

The Detroit Lions had one major move left to make this offseason; a contract extension for quarterback Jared Goff.

Though nobody knew when a deal would come, the feeling was palpable that it would be sooner rather than later. The news came on Monday, when the Lions signed Goff to a four-year, $212 million dollar extension with $170 million guaranteed.

Goff, at $53 million per year, is now the second highest-paid quarterback in the league behind Joe Burrow. With that investment comes the idea of risk, and Goff having to justify the investment. And there's some natural doubt he can justify it.

Doing so, however, ignores what Goff has accomplished with the Lions. The market set what he was worth, and $50 million was the easy bar.

Jared Goff earned extension with Detroit Lions by rewriting franchise history

Like it or not, it was always inevitable the Lions would get a deal done with Goff.

Last season Goff was able to deliver a division title, a playoff win and trip to the NFC Championship Game, firsts in a least 30 years for the Lions. There's been a litany of other Lions quarterbacks who have tried and failed to reach that level of success. Credit Goff for breaking through when most assumed he would only continue a legacy of failure.

The Lions came close to the Super Bowl last season, and with a young core they can continue to be a top contender for years to come.

The Lions have insulated Goff well with skill position talent, a great offensive line and an elite offensive coordinator. They have the right head coach in Dan Campbell. They have invested to improve a defense that needed to be improved, so that side of the ball should not hold them back.

There was no sense starting over, given the success Goff has already had in Detroit. Doing so would have been a 'Same Old Lions' kind of move. Instead, Detroit smartly rewarded Goff for what he's done and hopefully will continue to do as they eye taking that next step to a Super Bowl.