Ranking the potential 2024 head coaching opportunities for Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn

With four interview requests and seven current openings, let's rank the best head coaching opportunities for Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn.
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1. Tennessee Titans

In his prediction for who would be hired for the seven current head coaching openings earlier this week, ESPN's Dan Graziano predicted Glenn to the Titans.

"I've been told by a couple of people close to this situation to keep an eye on Glenn as a strong candidate. The Titans are casting a wide and diverse net, and this is one of the tougher ones to call at this point, but Glenn has appeal as a former player, as a part of what Dan Campbell has built in Detroit and as the coordinator who graded out the best of any on either side of the ball in a recent NFLPA poll of players. He will get a head coach job sooner rather than later, and he could be the guy the Titans pick to work with GM Ran Carthon on their rebuild."

The Titans are the remaining team that requested to interview both Glenn and Johnson.

With a young quarterback in Will Levis, the Titans could (or even should) be inclined to hire an offensive-minded head coach. That's why it's easy to dismiss Graziano's prediction they'll hire Glenn, and even call it a massive mistake if it happens. An offensive coordinator he hires to work with Levis, if successful, would be in line for head coaching jobs elsewhere and possibly have to be replaced quickly.

The Titans' decision to fire Mike Vrabel remains puzzling. But he was apparently not in harmony with general manager Ran Carthon, and that was apparently the top thing that led to his dismissal.

Glenn said he has learned the importance of a head coach and a general manager being on the same page, after observing Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes in Detroit, and he will carry that into his opportunity to be a head coach whenever it comes.

Right or wrong from some perspectives, Glenn should be regarded among the top candidates for the head coaching job in Tennessee right now.

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