Ranking the Detroit Lions' last 10 first-round picks

Let's go ahead and rank the last 10 first-round picks for the Detroit Lions.

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2. Aidan Hutchinson, DE, Michigan: No. 2 overall, 2022

Fortune smiled on the Lions in the 2022 draft when the Jacksonville Jaguars took Travon Walker first overall and allowed Hutchinson to fall to them at No. 2. A Michigan native and University of Michigan alum who also happens to be a stud pass rusher could not have been a better fit.

Hutchinson had 9.5 sacks as a rookie, along with playing the second-most snaps among NFL defensive lineman (958) and being double-teamed like was already a proven stud edge rusher.

The Lions' pass rush was Hutchinson and not much else a lot of the time last season, but he registered over 100 pressures (according to PFF) on his way to 11.5 sacks and his first career Pro Bowl selection. At the Pro Bowl, he hinted at how he can get even better.

Hutchinson has proven, however unsurprisingly, to be a fantastic all-around fit for the Lions. For many teams, he'd be No. 1 on a list of the last 10 first-round picks.

1. OT Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon: No. 7 overall, 2021

Holmes' first pick as Lions general manager is one of his best, regardless of round. When the Cincinnati Bengals passed on Sewell at No. 5, the path was paved for the Oregon product to be a Lion (the Miami Dolphins were not in line to take him at No. 6).

When they took Sewell, after calling in the pick almost immediately (much to the chagrin of the NFK who likes to cultivate draft drama for tv), the Lions' draft war room was very excited about it.

Holmes could have injured someone, truly.

All Sewell has done is become one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL over his first three seasons, and arguably the best right tackle in the league. By PFF grades, he was the No. 1 offensive tackle overall (92.8) and as a run blocker (95.1). Over the last two seasons, according to PFF, he has allowed just three sacks. He will not turn 2024 until into next season (Oct. 9), and he may reset the top of the offensive tackle market with his next contract.

Sewell had strong competition to be the best of the Lions last 10 first-round picks. But no one could quite unseat him.


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