Ranking potential external options for Detroit Lions to replace Josh Reynolds

The Lions appear content to replace Josh Reynolds internally, but what if they looked at potential options who are/might be available?
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4. Treylon Burks

Due in significant part to injuries, Burks has simply never gotten on-track with the Tennessee Titans since being a first-round pick in 2022. In 22 career games, he has 49 catches for 665 yards and a touchdown. He also seems to be the odd-man out in the Titans' wide receiver corps now, with Calvin Ridley and Tyler Boyd added this offseason to join DeAndre Hopkins.

Hopkins staunchly praised Burks publicly, suggesting no one in the Titans' locker room has given up on him. Head coach Brian Callahan has tried to deny a lack of faith in Burks, but comments this week confirm the reality for a first-round pick of the previous regime who has been bumped down the depth chart.

"He's going to have to contribute," Callahan said Tuesday after Burks got reps as a gunner. "You know you only get so many hats on game day, and if he's one of those guys on game day, we're going to have to find a place for him. Guys like him should be great special teams players on top of it, just because of his size and speed. And so the gunner thing is something I think he's very capable of doing, there might be some more roles for him in the other phases, as well."

Burks clearly needs a change of scenery. Which isn't to say he'll turn into a star elsewhere, that ship has almost surely sailed. But the physical tools that made him a first-round pick presumably aren't gone, and it's not as if the Titans have had a great quarterback situation.

Burks is a dictionary definition of a low-risk (low-cost) potentially high-reward acquisition. The Titans would do well to get anything for him, and they may take just about anything for him.