Predicting the rest of the Detroit Lions schedule after their Week 9 bye

The Detroit Lions had a much-needed week off, but here's a prediction for the rest of their 2023 schedule after the Week 9 bye.
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The Detroit Lions are 6-2 at their bye week, off a nice won over the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 8. They are lined up to win the NFC North, possibly comfortably when it's all said and done. With five division games left, winning the division by that comfortable margin is in their hands to a large degree.

It's also fair to say the schedule looks pretty good for the Lions after their bye. One team they have left to play currently has a winning record, and there is only one potential weather game on the remaining slate.

Week 10: at Los Angeles Chargers (Nov. 12)
Week 11: vs. Chicago Bears (Nov. 19)
Week 12: vs. Green Bay Packers (Nov. 23)
Week 13: at New Orleans Saints (Dec. 3)
Week 14: at Chicago Bears (Dec. 10)
Week 15: vs. Denver Broncos (Dec. 17)
Week 16: at Minnesota Vikings (Dec. 24)
Week 17: at Dallas Cowboys (Dec. 30)
Week 18: vs. Minnesota Vikings (Jan. 7)

Our prediction here after the 2023 NFL regular season schedule came out had the Lions with a 5-3 record at the bye week. Here at the bye week is an ideal time to revisit things, and predict the rest of the schedule.

Here is a game-by-game prediction for the rest of the Lions' 2023 schedule.