Penei Sewell was the only offensive tackle to accomplish a certain feat last season

Penei Sewell is in a rare class of offensive tackles, but he was literally the only one in the NFL to do something last season.
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Earlier this offseason, the Detroit Lions (as expected) put Penei Sewell in a different financial class with a contract extension that'll make him the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL. With two Pro Bowl appearances in three seasons, and being only 23 years old (24 in October), the first draft pick of the Brad Holmes-Dan Campbell regime in Detroit has proven to be worthy of the immediate excitement that came with selecting him. He is obviously a core piece now and moving forward.

Sewell was Pro Football Focus's No. 1-graded offensive tackle last year (92.8 overall), with the top run blocking grade (95.1) at the position. But he was also excellent as a pass blocker, allowing just one sack all season (including the playoffs, according to PFF), and played very clean football (six or seven penalties all season, depending on the source).

Penei Sewell was only offensive tackle to accomplish a certain feat in 2023

Citing data from TruMedia (h/t to The 33rd Team), Sewell was the only offensive tackle to allow less than 20 pressures on over 500 pass blocking snaps last season.

Like a lot of data points, pressures allowed can be different depending on the source. During the regular season, PFF had Sewell allowing 20 quarterback pressures. It's ultimately a distinction with very little difference, and on what they deemed "true pass sets" PFF had Sewell allowing 15 pressures during the regular season and 18 all season (including the playoffs).

Sewell also led all offensive tackles in total snaps over the course of the regular season and the playoffs last year (1,379, according to Pro Football Reference), as he played every offensive snap for the Lions.

Durable (one missed game in his career). Top-tier as a run and pass blocker. Overall, a tone setter for his team. Sewell is the best right tackle in the NFL, with an argument that can be made that he's the best offensive tackle in the league overall. We probably didn't need more data to show that, but there's nothing wrong with seeing some.

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