Penei Sewell not happy with his Week 2 outing at left tackle, but he may get another shot

Penei Sewell holds himself to a very high standard, and he was not very happy with his performance at left tackle in Week 2.
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Penei Sewell earned his first career Pro Bowl selection last season, and he has quickly become one of the NFL's best right tackles. But he played left tackle in college at Oregon, and made a late pivot to start his 2021 rookie season when Taylor Decker was sidelined by a hand injury.

With Decker out last Sunday with an ankle injury, Sewell made the move to left tackle again against the Seattle Seahawks. Pro Football Focus was pretty complementary of his work, with two pressures allowed in 37 pass blocking snap and good grade in the run game.

Bur we know the standard Sewell holds himself too, as he pursues perfection and strives to be great. So it's not too shocking to hear he was not happy with his performance against Seattle.

Penei Sewell not happy with his Week 2 performance, but he may get another shot at left tackle in Week 3

Here's what Sewell said in his meeting with the media on Monday.

"I didn’t do a good job and I feel like it starts with an example so I gotta be better there, clean it up,” For my mind, it (changing positions) doesn’t change. It’s not an excuse. Coach depends on me, this team depends on me, so there’s no difference,” Sewell said. “When it comes to what I need to work on—just attention to details. I’m like a yard away from making an important block, and I got to get off the ball faster, or stay on the block with Jonah (Jackson) more, or just communication.”

Sewell responded to Dan Campbell's call out of "we need our most reliable players to be reliable", and the suggestion "they know who they are." The head coach was referring to the defense, but Sewell took it differently.

"That’s me right there," he said. "I gotta be way better than I was, I gotta do better. Simple as that. It was tough to not perform to the level know I can, so now I know it’s a challenge and I love it. I can’t wait for Sunday to get here."

Those who have made the switch from the one side of the offensive line to the other somewhat on the fly have compared it to writing with your weak hand. In simply terms, everything is opposite of what you've been doing.

On Monday, Campbell pointed to the real possibility Decker misses another game Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. So Sewell is in line for another shot at left tackle, and he wants it after a performance he was not happy with.

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