Official unsurprisingly warned the Lions about Amon-Ra St. Brown's Week 1 touchdown celebration

In the moment it clearly toed a line the NFL has set, so it's no surprise the officials on the field warned the Lions about Amon-Ra St. Brown's Week 1 touchdown celebration.
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How the NFL doles out fines for certain things is certainly interesting, and ridiculous. The Lions saw examples last season, when safety Tracy Walker was fined $11,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit and throwing a punch, while running back Jamaal Williams drew fines of over $13,000 and over $18,000 for touchdown celebrations that were deemed to suggestive.

Amon-Ra St. Brown scored the first touchdown of the new NFL season in Week 1 against the Kansas City Chiefs. Watching his touchdown celebration immediately brought back memories of Williams last year, and certainly toed the line of possibly drawing a fine from the league office. There is a "pump" limit, you know.

St. Brown apparently did not, and will not, get a fine letter from Park Avenue this week. But that doesn't mean he wasn't close to having to part with part of a game check.

Officials unsurprising warned Lions about Amon-Ra St. Brown's TD celebration

On the new episode of his podcast with brother Equanimeous this week, St. Brown talked about what led to his touchdown celebration and aftermath.

""I was talking to Jahmyr (Gibbs) and some other guys before the game," St. Brown said. "I said, 'I don't know what I'm going to do if I score.' He's like, 'Do that little thing you do with your hands.' If I get fined, though, you're going to take (care) of it, right? He's like, 'Yeah, I got you.' So sure enough, I scored.""

St. Brown knew what he was going to do would possibly draw a fine, but Gibbs said he'd take care of it if it happened. So the celebration came, and St. Brown came to the sideline.

"I hit it, boom, no flag, I get to the sideline, sit down, celebrate boom. And then my receiver coach is like Hey St., one more time and they said were gonna throw the flag. I'm like it's done now I got it off. Ain't no more pumps. Apparently the ref told our head coach that if he does one more pump, then we'll throw the flag, and then he told our receiver coach and he told me.""

So a referee told Dan Campbell if St. Brown had "pumped" one more time a flag would have come (followed by a fine, of course). Then Campbell told wide receivers coach Antwaan Randle El, who told St. Brown. So the pumps are being counted, as if the officials should have such a trivial thing to focus on after a touchdown.

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