New Lions wide receiver Denzel Mims confirms the massive chip on his shoulder as he makes strong first impression

It's certainly to be expected, but new Lions wide receiver Denzel Mims confirmed the chip that's on his shoulder after the Jets gave up on him.

Denzel Mims, just days after being acquired in a trade from the New York Jets, was seen a little bit but and not heard at all during the first day of Detroit Lions training camp on Sunday. That was line to change on Monday, and Mims indeed has his first session with Lions' reporters after practice.

After the Jets gave up on him, and didn't seem at all willing to give him a legit chance to make a difference or work through things, Mims is clearly at a turning point in his career. Even if he doesn't make the Lions' 53-man roster, he can showcase himself fpr other during preseason games and any reports and clips that may surface from training camp in the coming weeks.

Mims was plainly asked on Monday if he has a chip on his shoulder. The wording of his answer is something head coach Dan Campbell can appreciate.

"Sh-t yeah,” Mims said after his second day of practice. “(Bleep) yeah, fa sho. Damn right. I got a chip on my shoulder, fa sho. It’s time for me to show it, though. And I’m ready to show it.”"

Mims is also looking forward to being allowed to do more with the Lions. The Jets held him back in that sense, albeit not without issues he had (drops, route running), with a turnstile of bad quarterbacks and having different offensive coordinators.

"I finally get to go out here and show what I can do and play every position I want to play and just get to do everything I want to do, just not some stuff," Mims said. "So, I'm thankful.""

Mims said he has hit the ground running to learn the Lions' offense.

"I already got the system kind of down,” Mims told the media following practice. “Been (coming) in early, staying late, pretty much got the playbook down already.”"

Lions social media shared Mims making a nice grab on a crossing route during Monday's practice. His deep speed was displayed on a couple earlier catches, as he made a nice first impression during his first day of extensive practice work with his new team.

Mims needed a change of scenery, and he has a lot to prove. If it's true you never get a second chance to make a first impression, he made a good one with his work at the podium and on the field Monday.


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